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Nintendo 3DS: Price, Release Dates and Features

January 19, 2022 | Tim Ollason
Nintendo 3DS: Price, Release Dates and Features

We wanted to inform you of some of the details being shared at the Nintendo 3DS event which was in Amsterdam where the main event has only just finished. Jonathon Ross appeared as the main host for the event. He invited various people onto the stage to talk about the Nintendo 3DS; we saw a few ‘big wigs’ from Nintendo as well as developers from different big gaming names such as Ubi Soft, Konami and Capcom. There wasn’t any real mention of the 3DS being locked to regions but the fact that they had different events running in tandem to us says thats that it still stands.

The initial introduction of the device gave a few details that are fairly interesting; the device is motion sensitive, it has an SD Card slot and comes with a 2GB card. Also there’s the new addition of the analogue stick above the D-Pad and 3 cameras are present. One front facing, the other two are on the back; this will allow you to take 3D images. Something interesting that was mentioned, system updates down the line could possibly include 3D video recording.

There was some chat about different partnerships that are in place as well as some talks in Europe, with Eurosport and Sky 3D on the future of 3D sport appearing on the Nintendo 3DS.

The presentation then went quite in depth into ‘Street Pass’. This is a new feature that uses the wireless capabilities to automatically communicate with other 3DS devices. Once your 3DS has received some information from another 3DS, there’s a light that will show on the device that will change color to notify you. Something extraordinary about it though, is that this functionality works even when it’s in sleep mode.

The price for Americans is at $249.99 and it will be launched on March 27th, Europe will get it ever so slightly earlier on March 25th, however the pricing is yet to be decided by retailers but we are sure this will come out soon. Head over to Engadget where they talk a little about some of the games that will be available on release day and shortly after, they also have both the European and American press releases for you.

The big question we have for you now is, will you be getting one of these bad boys or will you wait and see what happens at MWC 2011 before deciding? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • NintenFan

    grrr bit pricey i was hoping for £200 but i already pre-ordered mine at so i will get it even with this price

  • amy

    omg i wanna get it for my b-day cuz im rich i can get it for $600. lolz