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Nintendo 3DS Eye Fatigue Still Cause For Concern?

January 19, 2022 | Maddy Rowe
Nintendo 3DS Eye Fatigue Still Cause For Concern?

It seems that however much rumor and hype surrounds any new technology these days, there is always another more bitter side following it. On one hand we praised the introduction of Apple’s iPhone 4 when it was first unveiled, but soon after reports flooded in over the antenna and signal problems. These issues look like they have been solved with Verizon’s version iPhone 4 with its change in antenna position and internal modifications. But on the other hand questions are being asked as to whether Verizon is making a mistake bringing its Apple device out so close to the iPhone 5 debut.

This rough with the smooth outlook has hit Nintendo’s soon to be released 3DS. While we are all excited about the addition of 3D hand held gaming into our lives, reports recently suggest that the 3D experience may cause visual disorders in children. Now while this has been followed up with a change in opinion stating that these sight problems will not effect youngsters, a report by Ubergizmo claims that cases of discomfort and dizziness after playing the console have arisen.

A Japanese magazine carried out a survey on a range of volunteers that were given the 3DS to test. The results came back saying that the dizzy feeling and eye fatigue caused the users to switch the console off. Problems were less obvious when holding the console completely still, but this would never give a realistic feel to gaming.

Obviously we all have a choice as to whether us or our children will be allowed to play the 3DS, and Nintendo will be sure to warn us of possible side affects of 3D gaming. With 3D becoming more popular the chances are that our lives will change in order to accept and cope with this issue. Technologiser took a look at how to adapt to 3D experiences, and the opinion seems to be take it one step at a time. Long sessions either on a 3D console or watching 3D films are going to affect your vision, so lets remember to take regular breaks. Tell us how you feel about letting your young ones take on the 3D experience, will you be monitoring them closer than normal?

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