MWC 2011: Will We See Galaxy S Successor?

MWC isn’t too far away and with that being the case; many people will start speculating about different handsets from different phone makers. According to ‘Feb.13th something big is coming’. The below picture is also on the same webpage indicating that it may be something to do with the Samsung Galaxy S, perhaps a successor?

Are there any clues in the ‘something big is coming’ as in the name of the device, maybe its too early to tell, another note is what is written in the picture on the right hand side, ‘Evolution is Fate’, what do they mean by that?

Phil Nickinson of’s article is reporting the news and has quite a few user comments; some of them are interesting as it gives the impression that if a new phone is released, they want a higher version of Android as the base.

We are guessing that there will be more information leaked soon and as soon as there is then we will report on it, in the mean time. If nothing comes through then all will be revealed in Barcelona on 13/02/2011.

Engadget’s Vlad Savov is suggesting that they may turn the Galaxy S into an LTE device and add in a dual-core chip, but we want to know what you think is going to happen, so tell us in the comments box below.