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Foursquare Growth: How’s It Looking?

January 19, 2022 | Tim Ollason
Foursquare Growth: How’s It Looking?

For those of you whom are unaware, Foursquare is a location based social network where you can earn badges as you ‘check-in’. We regularly report on new badges such as the Super Duper and Epic swarm badges and we even asked you back in May 2010 if you thought Facebook should buy Foursquare.

We were wondering how the growth pattern was looking for Foursquare as with most social networking and social media sites it seems to be growing. Foursquare hasn’t disappointed, it is growing at a very high rate according to B2C. Looking back to January 5th the number of new user signups per day was averaging at the 20,000 and then on January 14th, Foursquare reached 6 million total registered users.

Adam Steinberg of B2C has been kind enough to put the numbers into a visual format in the shape of a couple of graphs, the first is for Registered Foursquare Users, this goes from January ‘09 through till January ‘11, you can see it below.

As you can see from the visual representation it is growing extremely quickly. Steinberg’s second graph shows us the average user growth per day spanning over the last year, again see this below.

Back on January 15th SocialMediaExaminer’s Cindy King was giving some important social media news, quite a chunk of this was to do with Foursquare and how businesses are affected by the social network. They link to the HubSpot Blog so head over and have a read.

Why do you think Foursquare is growing so rapidly? Has everyone only just realized how good it is? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. @sibob1 says:

    Some interesting stats here. Would be interesting to see a geographical breakdown of foursquare users - as a PR consultant working in the UK, it would be good to have a guide as to how many of my clients' customers could potentially be on the platform - if it's 6 million US users, it obviously makes foursquare less relevant to GB businesses.

  2. paranoid says:

    wondering if Foursquare should be retitled "stalker heaven"? geotagging and geolocation, in my mind, as a person involved in IT/IP Legal research, is little more than cyber-stalking and creates huge opportunity for IRL crimes to be committed against you using information you reveal about yourself to the world. I always encourage everyone to exercise as much caution as possible when releasing public images, information and anything they feel should be a safety and security risk online. It is no better to geotag yourself in Hawaii for a week than it is to place an ad in the local paper "hi, I live at 115 Mockingbird Lane, I am on holiday overseas for 2 weeks. Keys' in the mailbox, help yourself to my stuff". No one would do that! But yet 6 million users regularly tell 6 million people where they are, who have 1,000's of other social media and IRL contacts, who are now all privy to that information. Caveat emptor is all I can say to those who use it.

    And besides, you really want your boss to know you flagged the last hour of work on Friday to head to the pub with your mates for drinks?

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