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Cyber Crime On Social Networks: Big Increase

January 19, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

If you are an avid user to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, chances are at one time, you have been sent one of many internet scams. According to a recent report from Sophos, the antivirus firm which deals with virus protection, security software and so on, has stated that cyber crime is on the increase.

Unfortunately, on looking at their findings, sites such as the two mentioned above are being targeted, as users is seems are a “soft touch” in the eyes of internet criminals. Messages (the scams) are sent supposedly from friends of the user, and purely based on trust, the user if not informed on the dangers, will open them up. Consequences to this may include your personal data being used for different purposes including the sending of fake emails asking you to part with money.

Although we can say that a fairly big majority of users have grown wise to attacks, there are no doubt a few of you out there that could be potential targets. As it was reported from the Economic Times, email services’ anti-spam security measures are much higher of social networking sites, which leads to the criminal fraternity venturing into these waters.

In a statement from Senior Technology Consultant at Sophos “Graham Cluley,” he said, “People have grown wise to email spam. They recognise all the warning signs now. But a lot more people are tricked by spam messages sent by their ‘friends’ on sites like Facebook as they have a position of trust.” He then went on to finish with what can happen if personal information is accessed.

Is it about time that social networking sites did more to protect us? Let us know what you think, and tell us have you been on the receiving end of a spam?

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