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Angry Birds To Get TV Series: Is It Too Much?

January 19, 2022 | Matt Tran

Rovio, the company behind the smash hit app Angry Birds has confirmed that an animated TV series is in production. The birds are poking their beaks into just about everything they can at the moment and with this announcement, animated shows should look out.

We recently heard that an official Angry Birds board game would be brought out soon this year and also we reported yesterday that Lego sets may make an appearance in our stores. To see all of the birds made perfectly out of Lego, follow the link. According to Pocket Gamer the Rovio CEO Mikael Head announed the TV series had got the go ahead after the company had “got a sense of how the market was as a whole”. That for them was the first stage and now the second stage is production.

Electric Pig has reported that the TV series is in its late stages and will make its debut some time this year, although it is not clear when and what station will have the honour of broadcasting it. All we know is that one of the most successful apps of all time, which has amassed over 42 million downloads is flying on to our TV screens soon.

You cant help but think though that the guys behind Angry Birds are doing too much? In such a short space of time we have had the game on our smartphones, the announcement of a sequel to the game and its release on consoles, a board game, the possibility of a Lego Angry Birds set, plushy toys and now a TV series. Is the franchise being dragged out abit too much? The real question is can you stop it, at this rate the Birds look set for world domination. Let us know your views on the release of an Angry Birds TV series and if you think it will be a hit or not.

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