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You Tube Captures “No Pants” Subway Ride For 2011

January 18, 2022 | Maddy Rowe
You Tube Captures “No Pants” Subway Ride For 2011

For many who may have been travelling to work or just sightseeing would have been in for a shock, when thousands of people took to the subway system in a number of cities across America. Over 5,000 people in fact were taking part in “No Pants Day,” an event that has been keeping us entertained for the last 10 years, and fortunately we can now see the action courtesy of YouTube.

This year’s 2011 display for “No Pants Subway Ride,” has been interestingly developed from “Improv Everywhere” the jokers behind the “Surprise Wedding Reception” or “Guerilla Handbell Strikeforce.” As Mashable reported, the video which you cannot help watching, is certainly an eye opener and funny at the same time. In this year’s video, it shows plenty of commuters mixing with others on the underground train and platforms quite happily showing off their bare legs. Before boarding the train, those who took part, were told to meet at a chosen station, board the train, remove their pants and urged to keep an “expressionless” face for the entire journey. It brings good humor without taking it too far!

As reported, the group’s aim is to cause “Scenes of chaos and joy in public places,” and its not just scenes in America that can be spotted, for others have decided to join in with countries such as Adelaide, Switzerland amongst others.

Check out the video below that has now leaked online and let us know what you think? Could you see yourself taking part?

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