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Verizon Every Two Program Upgrade Policy Ended

January 18, 2022 | Maddy Rowe
Verizon Every Two Program Upgrade Policy Ended

After Verizon’s much talked about entrance into the world of iPhone‘s, its certain that a lot of Apple hungry Verizon users were eager to get their hands on the new smartphone.

Well without trying to dull any enthusiasm, BGR reported on another announcement by the wireless company, stating that two of their most popular upgrade treats would be discontinued. As of January 16th the early upgrade and “New Every Two” policies will be stopped.

As Mobile Burn confirm, the New Every Two perk allowed subscribers to claim discounts between £30 and £100 towards the cost of a new handset, once the full term of their contract was up. With the early upgrade policy, any user wishing to change their device after the first year of their 2 year contract, could do so on the proviso that they signed a new 24 month plan. This gave the company the opportunity to secure extended service.

Verizon‘s plans mean that new subscribers will not be offered either of these deals, and any current users will not be entitled to receive the benefits within 2 years. For those that are already in the process, will be able to claim the perks but will not be re-enrolled once completed.

Why this change in plans for Verizon? Could it be that with the introduction of the iPhone 4, new incentives will be offered? Give us your thoughts.

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