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Social Media Marketing: Sites that benefit most

January 18, 2022 | Debbie Turner
Social Media Marketing: Sites that benefit most

Here at OSM we often take a look at social media marketing and recent posts have included asking where to apply your effort along with a report on how a major brand is reversing its spending. Earlier today we also reported on the $1.8 billion advertising revenue that Facebook made in 2010.

Now we’ve seen a really useful infographic which helps make sense of the numbers involved in social media marketing and tells us which social sites benefit most. The infographic has been posted by Darmesh Shah over on Hubspot Blog from CreditLoan and one of the overwhelming statistics comes from looking at the distribution of US social media marketing spending in 2010. Twitter received just 3% of this spending, location-based sites such as Foursquare and Gowalla also received 3% while Games and Apps got 8% of the spend. 17% went to MySpace but a whopping 53% went to Facebook, while ‘others’ were on 16%.

Other interesting figures include the total spend on social media marketing in the US for 2010 which was a staggering $1.7 billion while the global total for social media marketing spent in 2010 was $3.4 billion. Moving on to look at how top companies use social media we can see that 33% use corporate blogs, 50% of companies use YouTube channels, 54% use Facebook fan pages and 65% have corporate Twitter accounts.

It’s certainly an intriguing infographic so to get the full picture head to the Hubspot Blog link above. If you’re here you probably have an interest in social media marketing so you may also be interested in an article over on PaidContent by Robert Andrews which tells how Experian is buying into social media marketing by acquiring a major part of Techlightenment which comes up with marketing strategies for business.

Are you surprised by any of the information from the infographic and what do you think other social sites can do to grab hold of some of Facebook’s share of social media marketing spending? Let us know by sending us your comments.

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  1. SalcidoVargas says:

    Great to see the 2010 stats. Staggering numbers on users across the social networks. Curious on how the network(s) will evolve over the next 5 years…which will excel, which will wane.

  2. Vishal says:

    Interesting one. None of the companies will lose out on the current YoY profits, although customers will consolidate their activities to certain circles, not necessarily all. Given Twitter’s existing share, its bound to leap in 2011. However certain integral changes, rather developments and enhancements will be found. One never knows if existing and growing popularity of Twitter can get them to start something like a Page which essentially be on better levels or simple to follow. Invariably, the keywords role will come out as the most important and Google has already taken a step towards reviewing indexed pages. The concern is the price of the same keywords will rocket and SMM will become more expensive. With small businesses focussing on SMM, the content will rule the market. Overall, I envisage an increased earninng for the overall Social Media spend to go up by about 28% to 44% with Facebook & Twitter benefitting the most.

  3. Vishal says:

    Had to also mention about YouTube who will see its revenue increasing since what’s happened to Facebook with smaller companies will happen to YouTube in 2011. With tablets becoming more popular, the relevance of ads will be important and increasing social media spend will be valued. Although the real value to the seller will come at a higher cost given incorrect clicks. It would be worth noting that phone clients like Facebook or Twitter for mobile have not had options of showing ads, which will literally double the visibility of the ads, if implemented. Take an example of Uber Twitter or Android which provide options to advertisers to display their ads. Google Buzz will have its share and MSN Yahoo is doing every bit to penetrate in to this space.

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