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Orange Tiny Top Ups: Get Credit For As Little As 10p

January 18, 2022 | Matt Tran
Orange Tiny Top Ups: Get Credit For As Little As 10p

Have you ever needed credit but only ever had a little loose change jingling around in your pocket? Well luckily if you are with Orange then you can make those worthless coppers count, with the new Tiny Top Ups scheme.

If you are a pay as you go customer in desperate need of a text or call then you can pop into your local Orange shop, hand over said loose change and get yourself the odd few texts you need. This is a huge boost for users, because many PAYG customers get free texts on their different packages so it can be frustraing having to top up extra just before the free goodies delivery date, believe me I know. Also it benefits those who simply dont like topping up the £5 minimum fee that Orange ask us to cough up.

Handing 10p over the desk will give you 1 text message and 20p will get you a phone call. Orange have tried to treat their customers well over these hard economic times by first announcing prices will stay the same, despite the 20% VAT increase. Now they are offering this Tiny Top Up scheme as well as an opportunity to double the credit you top up for free in March.

Just to put the cherry on the cake, Orange are giving customers the chance to win a huge thin tube full of 10p pieces. You can find the deatils on their website and it looks worth entering because I rekon there is a at least £150 in that tube, which you can see by visiting Cnet. Tell us what you think of Orange’s Tiny Top Up scheme and if it will benefit you.

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