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BlackBerry PlayBook: RIM merits as a standalone

January 18, 2022 | Debbie Turner

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BlackBerry PlayBook: RIM merits as a standalone

Ever since we first heard about the RIM BlackBerry PlayBook tablet we’ve been bringing you news about this device that looks set to rival the Motorola Xoom and also the next-generation iPad, the iPad 2, aso both upcoming. We recently looked into the sales war expected between the Motorola Xoom and the BlackBerry PlayBook, the reports of increased battery power for the PlayBook, the news that a 4G Playbook will come to Sprint, and of course a preview.

The PlayBook has received some very positive plaudits but also there have been some misgivings about the fact that for some functions, such as calendar and contacts management, it needs to be tethered to a BlackBerry smartphone, leading to the misunderstanding for some, that users have to own a BlackBerry smartphone in order for the PlayBook to be any use at all.

However Zach Epstein over on BGR, sourced from Forbes, tells us that RIM senior product manager, Ryan Biden, has attempted to address this misconception in an interview with Forbes. Biden insisted, “On its own, this is a great standalone tablet. This is not a device that is reliant on a BlackBerry.”

Referring to independent PIM functions though, Biden would only say they would come “as the platform evolves.” If you want to find out more about the BlackBerry PlayBook including specs, then check out the PlayBook product page here. What are your thoughts on the BlackBerry PlayBook? Are you completely sold on it or do you still have reservations? Why not send us your comments to let us know.

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  1. Hi Debbie,

    It’s Alex from RIM. Thanks for sharing the latest news on the BlackBerry PlayBook. If you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, here’s a short video ( with PlayBook product manager Ryan Bidan answering the FAQs about ( BlackBerry Bridge technology. BlackBerry Bridge provides a seamless way for your PlayBook to interact with all of your PIM data (email, calendar, contacts, and BBM) securely —directly from your BlackBerry smartphone.

    As a standalone device, the PlayBook can be used with a secure VPN, just like you would with a laptop or any similar device. This allows users to access enterprise data and applications using the built in Wi-Fi connection. In a future software update for the PlayBook, we will also provide native e-mail, calendar, and contact apps for those customers who prefer to have these directly on the tablet.

    Thanks again for sharing this with readers—looking forward to hearing what they think too!



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