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Nokia Withdraws Free Music Downloads For Latest Devices

January 17, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

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Nokia Withdraws Free Music Downloads For Latest Devices

Finnish company Nokia, are now one of the largest manufacturers of the mobile handset. They offer their devices in over 150 countries, employ 123,000 members of staff in 120 countries, and in terms of revenue, globally they are worth billions. But today’s news has come of quite a surprise? For news reports on the internet, are stating that Nokia will now be ending its free music downloads bundle.

According to BGR via Reuters, the service which is accessible in 27 countries will feel the backlash from this. Nokia are keen to provide their customers in certain countries such as China, Indonesia and India with a 12 month subscription, but unfortunately for others including the likes of Brazil, South Africa and Turkey, users will only benefit from 6 month subscriptions. But Nokia would like to emphasize that for users that presently have the free music bundle with their subscription, will continue to get this until their subscription runs out.

The service which launched just two years ago with the backing of EMI, Warner Music Group amongst others, was hoped to be a real contender against the likes of Apple’s iTunes but due to high demand there, and other contributing factors such as lack of customer appeal, Digital Rights Management (DRM) used by Nokia and so on, it has proved an unworthy service to some.

In a statement from Nokia, a spokesman said, “The markets clearly want a DRM-free music service.” He also wanted to reliterate that they will continue to offer DRM-free tracks through their music store in no less than 38 countries.”

Tell us what you think of today’s news? Will this currently affect you? Let us know.

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