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New iPad 2 and iPhone 5 To Have The A5 Chip - Further Details

January 17, 2022 | Tim Ollason
New iPad 2 and iPhone 5 To Have The A5 Chip – Further Details

We have reported quite a bit of news about the iPhone 5 and the iPad 2. This includes the rumor roundup for the iPhone 5, how the device will supposedly be slimmer with increased battery life and also how Apple CEO Steve Jobs has had to take some time off.

We also reported on how Best Buy had some available slots for what most speculated would be the iPad 2, these slots have magically disappeared. Now we need to inform you of some new information on the processor that we are hoping will be the A5 chip for both devices.

AppleInsider are reporting further information on the new chips that will be housed within the iPhone 5 and iPad 2. Both the iPad and iPhone 4 feature Apple’s A4 processor; of course, this is just one of the components that allows the iPhone 4 to have its exceptional retinal display.

Supposedly the new iPhone and iPad will make a bit of a jump from the custom system chip SGX535 used in the 3GS up to the new SGX543. Daniel Eran Dilger of AI says that the chip will offer around twice the processing power, but it will be at the same clock speed. The new graphics core also supports OpenCL, used to offload general purpose computing tasks on the GPU for fast execution.

Further more, the SGX543 is capable of combining up to 16 GPU cores on a single SoC, for a full technical explanation of the SGX543 head over to by clicking here. You can also read some of the technical chit-chat that is happening on AppleInsider’s forum. If they make the chipset more powerful then the retinal display on the iPad 2 is much clearer possibility don’t you think?

Do you think the iPad 2 will have a retinal display? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Guest says:

    It's already been discussed taht a retina display on a screen taht size would be unbelievably expensive…It's like the resolution of an Apple 27 inch screen…But they will most certainly up the resolution…Maybe double what it is now

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