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LinkedIn Top Tips To Improve Your Profile

January 17, 2022 | Tim Ollason
LinkedIn Top Tips To Improve Your Profile

Previously we have brought you some social media marketing tips on where to apply your efforts and we also asked you if you think social media is for people or for brands. Now we are going to report on some really good tips to improve your LinkedIn profile which will in turn raise your awareness.

First for those who don’t know, LinkedIn is regarded as THE social networking site for business professionals. Many of the large companies search LinkedIn for talent that they feel can add to their business and plug the gaps that they have in their staffing. It’s also a prime location for companies to promote some of their services and products.

The way to view LinkedIn is your face when you aren’t there, especially if a company is looking for someone with your qualities, qualification and experiences. This is your opportunity to show the world who you are and what you can give.

Firstly your profile picture, keep it plain and simple, if you have something of you with lots of effects it will turn people off straight away. Take into account what you are wearing at the time, so ones where you have gone out wearing fancy dress are a bad idea, instead, save these for a different social networking site. If you can’t resist try and keep it to either plain color or grayscales. There is a really good article on this over at edenchanges which you can view here.

Use the LinkedIn apps, this is a really good way to keep up to date and helps you while you are on the move, remember this will be the year of mobile use, especially tablet PCs and smartphones. Check out the LinkedIn mobile page to see if you can get a version for your smartphone.

Once you are up and running and have setup your profile, think about recommendations, these are really important. LinkedIn actually suggests users that have recommendations, according to’s Debbie Hemley, users who have recommendations are three times more likely to get inquiries through LinkedIn searches. Remember there’s no harm in asking for a recommendation from previous workmates or from previous respected figures from an organization.

Finally we would like to direct you to’s article, this has further extensive tips, 26 in total to help you optimize your profile and make you stand out.

We would also like some of your feedback, has anyone who is searching ever mentioned to you what they would like to see in a profile? Perhaps you are the person doing the searching, if you are; let us know what you look for. Let us know your experiences in the comments below.

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