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Apple iPad 2 vs Motorola Xoom: iOS /Android Fight

January 17, 2022 | Debbie Turner

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Apple iPad 2 vs Motorola Xoom: iOS /Android Fight

Here at OSM we like to follow all the latest about tablets and one of the most prominent devices to come out of CES 2011, and maybe the most prominent device was the Motorola Xoom, an Android tablet which will be the first to run on Android 3.0, Honeycomb.

The Motorola Xoom is being seen as a real contender to the iPad, specifically the iPad 2 when it is released in the next few months. So will the Xoom have any chance against the might of Apple, in the tablet wars. It’s difficult at the moment to compare the Xoom specs with those of the iPad 2 as the latter hasn’t been announced yet and is still very much under wraps but Phones Review has made a good attempt at it and given Xoom specs along with rumored specs for the iPad 2. We’ve also previously reported how the iPad 2 is expected to have a higher resolution display.

Brooke Crothers over on Cnet describes the dual-core Motorola Xoom tablet as a “test for life beyond the iPad” and wonders if it’s arrival will mean a much broader market for tablets in 2011, with the Xoom being probably the main contender. Not only is Motorola a top-notch supplier but it also has the might of the Android platform to back it up, against the Apple iOS. As Android 3.0 Honeycomb has been entirely designed for tablets it could prove a worthy match for anybody not sold on Apple devices.

Up to 800,000 Motorola Xoom’s are set to be shipped for the release and although it’s not likely to hit the same sales as the original iPad initially, it could certainly prove to be a quick-grower. What are your thoughts on the iPad 2 vs. Motorola Xoom? We’d be interested to know which you’d opt for and why and if you think the Xoom really is viable competition, so why not send us your comments to let us know.

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  1. Douglas Ford says:

    I don't like the iPad, it feels to much like an large iPhone without the phone when I used it. I want a completely different experience then I get on my iPhone. I will probably get the Motorola Xoom because it looks like a completely different experience then a phone. :D

  2. Tris says:

    I am sorry, but there is absolute no question as to which is best. The ipad was originally so successful for a reason because it is great and people should still go for apple's products as opposed to some newcomer's attempt at making a tablet computer

  3. iPad owner says:

    Right…because Motorolas a “newcomer”?…encourage competition and expand your horizons. It makes a better market for the consumers.

    P.S- I wrote this comment on my iPad :)

  4. Tom Jeffries says:

    Hands down Xoom. Apple about to get over run in this department…Period.

  5. Mark says:

    I recently chose an HTC Desire over an iPhone 4 and am extremely glad that I did. I have an iPod Touch and to me the Android experience is much more satisfying than the Apple experience which feels somewhat restrained and manufactured. So, I would definitely prefer to go for the Motorola if the choice is between these two.

  6. Patrick says:

    The iPad was originally so successful because (much like the iPhone vs. other smartphones of the time) while there were other tablets previously available, none of them gave the presentation that the iPad did. This is simply no longer the case and when you look at things like Apple refusing to enable Flash (which is funny because many student online coursework websites are done with flash), non-upgradeable memory, non-replaceable battery, etc, it really starts to build up in competition's favor outside of rabid/blind fans of Apple. Apple makes a good product, it's just very often overpriced thanks to marketing and rabid fans.

    • Guest says:

      absolutely true. most Apple users are pretty ignorant about the specs, etc. demographics usually falls in the category of young kids, particularly females, to adults who want to be in the "trend" but are just as clueless about the technology. they simply want a device that works for them and this Apple has delivered. the problem is months after ownership they realize they will want to video chat, but can't, expand memory, but can't, replace battery, but can't, etc. and when its realized they didn't get everything they thought they would get when they first bought the tablet.

      • Skyler says:

        Yeah, it really sucks being able to use more than 256mb for applications on my iPhone. Who really buys a rechargeable battery that they actually swap in anymore anyways? The iPhone 4 lasts all day, and there are plenty of portable chargers that function the same way if need be. I'd bet my paycheck that if you actually made the iPhone battery replaceable, only about 1% of buyers would purchase an extra battery, and only about 1% of those would actually use it. Oh, and as for specs? Compare the speed of a phone with similar "specs" to the iPhone 4 - it's immediately obvious that it's not just the specs that matter, but how the operating system uses those "specs," and iOS clearly has a distinct edge. You call others ignorant, but show your own ignorance by failing to recognize those simple facts. Android and their phones are good, no doubt, but the overall product and experience is notably sub-par when it goes head to head with Apple.

  7. Harry says:

    I bought the IPAD MC497/A with 3G top model for $879.99 at Best buy in July 2010 and sold it 2 weeks ago for 700.00. I consider myself lucky to be able to get that. The Ipad is too big and heavy for true mobility. You cant put it in your pocket! In that case why not have a notepad already. The IPAD has a few shortcomings like you have to have a computer to get anything out of it. You cant print from it. You cant even use skype with video since it has no camera. It really sucks for word processing and spread sheet work. It is overpriced if it is a data acquisition device only.

  8. Ray says:

    The new coming iPad 2 would be the true tablet that stands in front of all tablets.
    Thats that!!! Period

    • Pat says:

      Based on WHAT??

    • David says:

      You do realise Ray, that thinking like that is the reason iStuff is so overpriced. No argument from me that what apple sells is some nice kit but they intentionally hold back basic features so that they can re-release the product a few months later with that missing feature now added.

      I'm just saying wait until you see the specs & know what the product is before you vote for it or Apple will continue to enjoy more of your hard earned money than their products are worth.

  9. John says:

    For me it would really depend on the way the Xoom feels and works. I had the not so pleasant experience of using a Galaxy Tab, and it was nothing more than a bulky version of my phone. Don't get me wrong I LOVE android on my phone but in my experience from using both the GTab and iPad, I prefer the iPad. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of Xoom before deciding which tablet I'll actually buy.

  10. Android aways says:

    For me Android Honeycomb + Dual core processor offering 2GHz of processing power ROCK !!!

  11. Andy says:

    My prediction? IPad will outsell the xoom 8-1 by the end of 2011

    Sent from my iPad (^_^)

    • DAvid says:

      Is that including the head start or do you mean from the day they are both released?

      • auchegal says:

        Ipad2 will outsell the Xoom for suer, but the iPad OS probably will not outsell Honeycomp. Same with the iPhone, no Android device by itself outsells the iPhone, but the Android OS outsells the Apple OS.

  12. Martin says:

    I am now doubting between both, xoom and Ipad 2. I will wait some months untill I will be able to really compare them. And if finally both are more or least similar I will chose Ipad and I will do so because I trust the company to develope apps that will work fine. On top of that I always have the same thought, and correct me if I am wrong, at the end of the day Android honeycomb will be to tablets the same than windows to computers, meaning that both microsoft and google they have to develope software for a wide range of different hardwares while apple is able to optimise one software for one hardware and that is what make apple products to work better.

    • Hayden says:

      But Apple has their fingers in every developer's pie, so no one can make the soft ware they chose to make. Sure, some things run better on different Android devices, and they're not all created equal, but any one can make anything for any Android phone. Apple restricts developers so harshly; all this 'Apple equals happiness and creativity' crap is just that, crap. They make great hardware, and mostly, their software is solid, but the freedom of choice is too important to some of us to go the Apple route.

  13. TareX says:

    Xoom kills the iPad 1…. but the iPad 2? Well from the specs we've heard so far, it will be a difficult call. We're talking a retina screen on a 10" display…. that's just too good.

  14. Elvis says:

    The key measure of success is product margins, which Apple clearly has the advantage. Apple uses it's extremely high cash position and sales projections to negotiate lower component costs and guarantee availability. All others are cheap imitation with extremely low or no margins which leads to an inferior quality product, which consumers will eventually figure out. Or find out that product is discontinued or no longer supported because the manufacturer can't make any money on it. Apple designs product for 5 years of service life, while all others design for 18 months of life. Hence, you should never need to replace a battery in an Apple product if properly maintained, except in rare mortality cases. If you want to purchase a cheap product and replace it every 18 to 24 months go right ahead, you are helping contribute to the economy. All I ask is that you make your purchase from an American owned company.

    • auchegal says:

      Your statement about the quality of apple products is absolutely correct, but who keeps any electronic device any longer for more then 2 years. And I can by usually at least 2 inferior products for the same price as and apple product. So I rather get the cheep and buy a new one in 2 years with better specs then have to wait 4 to 5 years since the product was initially so expansive and I need to use it that long to make up for it.

      • Elvis says:

        As another reader posted, they purchased an iPad for $880 and sold it 9 months later for $700. That's 80% residual value after 9 months. Apple products have the highest percentage residual value than any other electronic or computer gadget. If you want to replace your apple product every two years, you can still do so buy selling your old device to buy down your cost of ownership to match that of a commodity device. I know many people who do this regularly, but there are those that simply will not part with or prefer to had down their old Apple products. Buy the device you really want and you will be a much happier individual. If that ends up being a non-apple product, then go for it. But when you are sitting on an airplane next to someone who bought the apple device, you will be overcome with envy.

      • Elvis says:

        I can't tell you the number of time I have been sitting in a pub minding my own business when someone with a BB ask me about my iPhone and what kind of things I can do with it. Usually after 10 minutes of showing them how I can control my home security and automation, free live streaming TV, VPN into my home network, etc. they cry uncle and put their BB in their pocket and sulk in their beer. The straw that breaks their will is when I show them I can open my garage door and watch it open on my IP cameras from anywhere in the world or from 40000 ft.

      • Elvis says:

        BTW, I've been doing this for over 3 years and still don't pay an additional monthly extortion fee to the likes of ADT, Broadview (Brinks), etc. for the privilege. When I factor in the cost if I were to pay for the equivalent services from one of those companies, the cost of the apple device pays for itself. I have read cases of people who paid close to $10,000 in hardware and installation costs, and pay $100-$150 per month for the same capability. I paid $1,000 for the hardware (not including the iOS device) installed it myself, and don't pay a monthly recurring extortion fee. I can do this because of all the apps that are available for iOS devices. Show me a non-apple product that can do all this and control my entire home theater system for the same or lower cost with the elegance of an iOS device and I will take a look.

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