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3D Blu-rays and TVs Taking Off: In Japan at least

January 17, 2022 | Debbie Turner
3D Blu-rays and TVs Taking Off: In Japan at least

It seems that more and more 3D Blu-Ray recorders and TVs are coming on to the market but so far we’ve not seen quite as much enthusiasm as anticipated for these products. However it seems that over in Japan it’s a very different story.

Probably not unsurprisingly Japan is one of the highest 3D-penetration markets and Serkan Toto over on Crunchgear, sourced from BCN, tells us that 56.8% of Blu-ray recorders sold there last month were 3D-compatible. By the same token 23% of large-screen TVs (over 40-inches) sold, were also 3D.

The growth shown in sales of 3D devices is pretty impressive when you take into account that only 3.7% of sales of Blu-ray recorders last September were 3D-compatible. As often happens when sales take off prices for 3D products are now being cut drastically in Japan.

It remains to be seen if 3D devices will catch-up in popularity in other markets but if Japan is anything to go by the chances are they might. Meanwhile, Jon Stokes over on Ars Technica has written a comprehensive article about CES 2011 and notes that one of the big trends was for 3D goods and tells more about this.

Have you yet to be sold on the idea of 3D devices in your home? Maybe you’re waiting for prices to come down? Why not let us know what you think by sending us your comments about this.

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