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Update To Android 2.3: How Much Longer Do We Have To Wait?

January 16, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

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With an ever increasing number of mobile phones already on the current market and plenty more on the way, some of you on looking at the specifications may be wondering when the Android 2.3 OS will be making an appearance. The answer to that is a difficult one to comprehend, currently all we know is that Google have said the update will be with us in the “next few weeks.” So on this very subject, Pocketlint have taken a closer inspection on what handsets will get any benefit, and why developers and operators may be taking their time to make a firm decision to install it?

As our source pointed out, firstly big manufacturers such as HTC, LG and Samsung will need to make that initial decision to run with the OS, and on agreeing to it, will then need to decide what handsets will be implemented. Unfortunately this in itself takes time. Will they incorporate the Android 2.3 onto older handsets which in turn will keep users waiting, or just put the update onto up and coming handsets?

Just some of the devices that will possibly take advantage of the 2.3 will be that of Samsung’s Galaxy S, LG Optimus One, Motorola’s Milestone 2, Sony’s Xperia range of smartphones as well as Orange’s offering of handsets. As this stage, these manufacturers are mulling over that all important decision. Reports are indicating that Sony Ericcson’s Xperia X10 will not be taking on the Android 2.3.

Positive news for HTC fans, the HTC Nexus One has been reported from Pocketlint as taking the new OS update on board when it arrives, and the company are keen for their HTC Desire, Desire HD and Legend to be also included.

What are your thoughts on Android 2.3 coming? Will we ever see it, and what handsets if any would you like to see running this OS? Let us know.

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  1. Bob says:

    Hold on one minute what do you mean by the nexus one has taken the new os on bored?

  2. patrick says:

    Google seems to really struggle with meeting the expectations they set timeline wise on OTA releases. As an N1 owner… it seems like every single OTA update has arrived late, and well after when their devs promise on the android forums. They really need to do a better job with that.

    • Bob says:

      I think as google is being use less they are just going to wait until 2.4 then up date the n1, or this could just be some annoying marketing thing to sell more nexus s’

  3. Wayne K. says:

    Galaxy S owner - I haven't even gotten 2.2 yet. From what I hear, Samsung's not releasing it anytime soon.

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