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Justin Bieber: Twitter RIP Jibes Also Hit YouTube & Facebook

January 16, 2022 | Tim Ollason

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Justin Bieber: Twitter RIP Jibes Also Hit YouTube & Facebook

We have heard some sick rumors in our time but we think this just about tops them all. Whilst Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social networking sites have their uses, they also have their downfalls. RIP Justin Bieber is one of the latest things to be trending in Twitter.

As you can understand there has been outrage about this. When you consider the number of people following Justin Bieber on Twitter and the other big social networking sites there are a number of avid Bieber fans who will be shocked at the sick jibes that are trending.

The sick Tweet ‘RIP Justin Bieber’ follows another directed at the legendary South African leader and civil rights activist Nelson Mandela earlier this week. Why is this happening? Whilst some of us aren’t particular fans of Justin Bieber, at the end of the day, he is a kid, why would anyone do this to him? You can read another report on the outrageous Tweets over at and also over at

It’s not just Twitter that this has hit, there are videos flooding into YouTube as well as groups being setup on Facebook. At this point we would normally link you to them but on this occasion we certainly won’t as it is definitely not something we condone.

Show your support for Justin Bieber, Nelson Mandela and for any other victim of these trends in our comments box below.

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Comments (4)

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  1. xbiebersgb says:

    It's because his character dies in CSI and apparently they're finishing filming…so jam yo hypes!

  2. Diggler says:

    People that do that kind of thing just need to be ignored. They are just trying to get people all riled up, and have nothing better to do or positive to say.

  3. I would never support Justin Bieber. Ever.

  4. JayfromLeicester says:

    I'm not a fan of his, which is probably surprising as most teen girls are, but that's harsh.. I mean yeah, he's overrated. Yeah, his fans are brutal to all "non-beliebers". Yeah, his hair's a lil too long..
    But c'mon! Those tweets are actually cyberbullying, and that's enough to damage any 'major-pop-sensation's self esteem…

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