Ted Williams: YouTube viral sensation a hit for Kraft

We know many of you have been following the story of the homeless man with the golden voice, Ted Williams, who became a YouTube sensation when he was spotted at the side of the road trying to make money by holding a sign about his voice.

We then told the heartwarming story of how he had been inundated with job offers, including an offer from Kraft to make some TV ads and also the possibility of a Superbowl ad. Now we hear from Todd Wasserman of Mashable that the Macaroni and Cheese Kraft commercial made with Ted Williams that was a big hit for the company.

Over 901,000 viewings of the ad have taken place on YouTube this month contrasting enormously with the usual amount of Kraft commercials viewed. However not everybody is impressed as New York-based branding expert, Rob Frankel, feels that benefits for the brand would not be long-term saying, “It’s clearly another one of those opportunistic stunts by creatively bankrupt agencies who jump on any trend they think can take them to the top of a Twitter trend.”

You can see the Kraft commercial featuring the golden-voice of Ted Williams below this story. If you want to know more about the events that have recently happened to Ted Williams, Aliyah Shahid over on the New York Daily News has published a timeline, including the most recent news about Williams entering rehab. We’d welcome your thoughts on this story so please do send us any thoughts or comments you have.