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Is Social Media For People Or Brands?

January 14, 2022 | Tim Ollason
Is Social Media For People Or Brands?

With the rise of Social Media and Social Networking everything is moving towards them. They are seen as the way forward for businesses large and small and it’s pretty fair to say that involvement in advertising with the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn has so far been deemed to be pretty successful. Why not read through some tips on where to apply your effort in social media.

Now we want your opinion, is social media for people or for brands? Mark Ritson of in his article is making the argument that it’s for people rather than brands and is using the fact that not all big companies use the likes of Twitter. Lets be honest, these brands are so established, is there any need for them to use them? Of course, if they were to use them then they may raise awareness but from a UK perspective, they aren’t doing an awful lot wrong. You can also read their opposing arguement written by Mark Choueke by clicking here.

There are quite a few brands that have large followings such as O2, but something that Ritson points out, is that Peter Andre actually has more Twitter followers than all of the top 20 British brands, he goes on to say that what Peter Andre has that these companies don’t and that he is human. In our eyes, this comparison doesn’t really stand up; Mark Ritson is comparing a British brand to someone, who in his day was a global superstar. The fact that he was previously married to Katie Price or as most people know her ‘Jordan’. When they split he gained even more fame.

If you were to compare something like a global brand such as Nike or Gucci then he would be doing a better comparison, although Lady GaGa seems to be one of the top ’Liked’ people on Facebook with more than 26 million. The question we are asking is, are these people becoming brands? Normal, everyday people like you and I buy these celebrities music, watch our favorite sports stars and buy their designer clothes and merchandise. Another example of this is Roger Federer with his own clothing line, the Beckhams with their own fragrances.

The bottom line here is, the number of people following on Twitter is not good measure of social media being a success. Whilst some will agree and others will not, it certainly makes for an interesting argument. What do you think? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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  1. To us the answer is quite simple: Social Media is For People AND Brands.

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