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iOS 4.3 Update: iPhone Camera Effects Added

January 14, 2022 | Tim Ollason
iOS 4.3 Update: iPhone Camera Effects Added

We have previously reported on the features of the iOS 4.3 update including some of the features noted in the Beta release and also the personal hotspot views, but something else we have seen is the camera effects for the iPhone.

We were scouting around trying to find out more information on the iOS 4.3 and came across an article written on They are looking at some of the effects that are found on the iPod Nano’s camera and are thinking that the same effects will be added for the iPhone.

Some of them are pretty cool; we have included a video at the bottom of the article. A couple that we enjoyed were the cyborg view, which looks a lot like viewing the world through the eyes of the Terminator and the thermal view, which reminded us of Predator. The guys at gathered their information from a non English speaking site and you can see this source here.

There are a number other camera views that look pretty cool so have a look at the video and let us know your favorite ones in the comments below.

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