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DIY ArduSpider: Jose Julio’s Homemade Robot

January 14, 2022 | Tim Ollason

An article that made us at OSM smile was found over at Engadget where Donald Melanson has written an article on a homemade robot. We have seen a few different advances in the world of robotic construction but this one is our favorite so far.

The last time we reported on a robot, it was the iRobot Scooba 230, which will wash your floor for you. It does show you how quickly the world is moving forward if someone was able to make this in their home. It leaves us thinking, what’s next?

The ArduSpider was constructed for the inventor’s daughter, have a look at the video at the bottom of the article where the robot is being put through its paces. It has a few cool capabilities; it can walk around objects, jump and dance. Jose Julio is the mastermind behind the ArduSpider; over on his blog he has shared the specifications and code behind the beast.

Jose Julio details some of the modes that it has, Manual mode where you can control the robot; he mentions that you need to synchronize your movements to make the thing walk. Assisted mode, you can use your controller to make the robot walk, so you just press forward on the controller but you don’t need to synchronize your movements, similarly, if you hold left or right then the robot will turn. Lastly we come to Autonomous mode; this one makes the robot walk around avoiding things using its sensors. This is where it gets really clever. Jose Julio has practically given the robot a personality; quirky spider will stroll around and actually get bored and tired signaling for interaction. When you interact with it, it gets ‘happy’ and will jump and move again.

Head over to Jose Julio’s blog and read through what he has used to make the device, also watch the video and let us know your favorite bit in the comments below.

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