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Blu-ray’s CES 2011 Absence- A Dying Force?

January 14, 2022 | Matt Tran

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A few years back when the sparkling high definition Blu-ray discs hit our homes, it signalled the slow and gradual death of DVD. DVD done the same to VHS, and now is digital downloading going to do the same to Blu-ray?

Naturally this is not going to be an overnight thing; Blu-ray discs are still firmly in the home entertainment driving seat with more and more of us paying the extra for the clearer eye popping visuals and sounds. Sony’s PS3 played a huge part in the success of Blu-ray due to it having a built in player, which saves you having to shell out at least £100 for a separate one. Strangely at the 2011 CES last week there was a strange lack of new Blu-ray hardware products from many of the large electronics companies, so it makes you wonder if the golden disk is on its way out.

Above you can see Sony’s brand new glasses free 3D TV which will inevitably stop today’s glasses 3D dead in its tracks. Cnet has pointed out that many of the big companies chose to focus on their new internet TV’s which come integrated with streaming services like LoveFilm and BBC iPlayer. In the US it is the same story with plenty of similar movie rental services like Netflix and Hulu, which also give you the option to purchase and store the film on your hard drive. Disc free being a big convenience here.

Blu-ray has been taken up a gear recently with 3D discs now out on the market after the commercial launch of 3D TVs. You cant help but wonder that with the increase in disc free downloading, streaming and renting whether there will be a place for Blu-ray in the next few years. Streaming sites have rained on Blu-ray’s parade again by offering consumers a 3D movie catalogue.

Rachel Cericola over on Electric House thinks that Blu-ray will make a recovery with its new 3D titles, especially as Disney are set to release 15 of its classic movies for your home entertainment only. Maybe this is the break that they are looking for. Let us know your predictions for Blu-ray this year. Will it die out?

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