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iOS 4.3 Beta: Released to Developers - Features and Video

January 13, 2022 | Debbie Turner
iOS 4.3 Beta: Released to Developers – Features and Video

It seems we waited an age for the official announcement of a Verizon iPhone from Apple but now it already seems an age away as we turn our attention to other things. Yesterday we reported on Apple’s iOS 4.3, and the news that it would bring personal hotspot capability to all iPhones and not just the new CDMA Verizon iPhone.

Today we can tell you that the first iOS 4.3 beta has now been released to developers, according to Nilay Patel over on Engadget, sourced from Apple. As we said, the personal hotspot feature has been added but will of course need the carrier to get on board. You can also see a video courtesy of Engaget, taking a look at the iOS 4.3 beta on the iPad, below this story.

iOS 4.3 also brings AirPlay support, and not just to built-in Apple apps which is a feature many will be happy about. Developers are being supplied with a pre-release of Apple TV to enable them to test AirPlay with iOS 4.3 apps. AirPlay functionality for photos and videos has been added to the Photos Apps and the App Store will also see larger apps icons.

Many iPad users will be pleased to hear that the side switches can now be used again as an orientation lock. A report on Techtree also tells more about this particular feature and reports that hundreds of iPad users protested when iOS 4.2 had removed this and instead replaced it with a mute toggle. Now users will be able to set this for either use.

We’ll be bringing you more soon on what this all mean for the iPhone 5 and iPad 2, both thought to be coming in the first half of this year. What are your thoughts on the iOS 4.3 beta that’s been released to developers? We’d be interested to hear from you so please send in those comments

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