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Facebook Protects its Interests with Lobbying in California

January 13, 2022 | Debbie Turner

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Facebook Protects its Interests with Lobbying in California

Over recent years Facebook has gained more relevance and also influence over day-to-day life and earlier today we asked whether it was taking over our lives. Well, it seems that the popular social networking site is also increasingly influencing the political sphere as well.

A report by Jon Swartz over on USA Today tells how Facebook has protected its interests by lobbying in California against a Social Networking Privacy act. Over $6000 has been spent so far lobbying officials to dump the bill which would impose penalties to sites such as Facebook, for disclosing home address and also phone numbers of users under the age of 18.

The bill was passed by the Senate last April before coming up against opposition in the State Assembly, but could be reintroduced this year. Facebook’s first lobbyist in California, William Gonzalez, was hired last year and points out that other safety organizations such as Enough is Enough and the Internet Keep Safe Coalition, also voiced apprehension over the bill.

However Sen. Ellen Corbett, D-San Leandro, who originally introduced the bill said, “I was shocked it was defeated and am determined to try again.” You can read more about Facebook and lobbying in politics by reading another in-depth article, again on USA Today by Jon Swartz which looks into the changes in lobbying status that Facebook is making in Washington.

What are your thoughts on social networking sites having increasing influence on politics? We’d be interested to hear your views so why not send us a comment.

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  1. pls i have a little problem with my system microsoft vista 6735s,but i changed the operating system (op) to window 7 and this window seven is not functioning very well pls i need ur help. thanks joshus akperi

  2. adam johnson says:

    facebook is too insecure and its time we moved on to something that actually offers privacy. there are too many issues regarding facebook and i am just waiting for a new site like mycube to click so that i can quit facebook

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