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CityVille: 100 Million Users Milestone Reached

January 13, 2022 | Debbie Turner
CityVille: 100 Million Users Milestone Reached

Once upon a time there was a hugely popular social networking game called ‘FarmVille’ on Facebook. The game was a smash success but then along came CityVille and only a few days ago we reported how it had now become the most popular game ever on Facebook.

At that time it already had 84 million monthly active users but we now hear that a major milestone has been reached as CityVille has now reached the grand heights of having 100 million monthly active users according to Stan Schroeder over Mashable.

The CityVille Facebook page now shows that figure although AppData still has users listed at 99.9 million. However, the 100 million figure is more than likely accurate as users have been jumping on board at a rate of around 400,000 a month. If you’re a big CityVille fan you might be interested in an article by Brandy Shaul of which looks into inventory changes for the game.

Why do you think CityVille has become so astoundingly popular, even eclipsing Zynga’s previous game for the masses, FarmVille? Why not let us know by sending us your comments.

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