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Social Media Marketing: Where to Apply Your Effort?

Social Media Marketing: Where to Apply Your Effort?

We all know that the world is turning towards social networking and social media as a source of generating interest for businesses and also for promoting your own brand. Some brands will find it difficult but if it was easy everybody would do it and be successful right?

There are a vast number of social networking sites out there, to name a few, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn and even MySpace. Of course you may want to target different social networking sites for different types of product, an example being, if your product is music based you may be better hitting a few of the above named sites but concentrating your efforts on MySpace as it is a site for budding musicians as well as social networking.

In other words, instead of looking at social media and social networking as one, segregate them, do your homework and pin point your direction, this way you can concentrate your efforts and not waste time, remember time is money.

Remember just because Facebook boasts 500 million users, it doesn’t mean that they are all active, in fact around half add activities on there daily but as rightly say in their article, not everybody is interested in what you have to offer!

When looking at your target audience, something else to consider is the age group that you will be looking at. There’s no point in hitting a site populated by 20-25 year olds if you are aiming for a different age groups, this all seems obvious but not everyone sees it.

Remember, just because Facebook and Twitter have the most traffic, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they have the best traffic for you.

You may also want to read through Brian Carroll’s article over at, he is talking about why so many marketers are dissatisfied with the results of using social media. As we have said time and time again in previous articles, persistence pays off, don’t expect too much so soon. You need to give these things time to grow and once they do you will be in a great position to benefit from the results.

Brian Carroll also pulls into his article the views of Sergio Balegno, he is the Director of Research for InTouch who has vast experience in the world of social media, he even authors on Social Media & PR Benchmarks as well as MarketingSherpa’s. This man is quoted time and time again in the media and as Carroll rightly says, he also presents at high classed institutions including Harvard. In other words, Sergio knows his stuff and everyone who wants to can learn from him.

Tell us in the comments box below of your social media and social networking experiences whether they be good or bad, we are really interested in your feedback.

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  1. Interesting article about social media efforts

  2. Building a genuine on-line community is not easy … but I believe that even if you don't have a lot of people commenting, doesn't mean they are not following what is going on … Social Media is great for keeping a business or brand top of mind … you have to be on multiple outlets and just keep being there …

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