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Nintendo 3DS: Stolen And Stripped

January 12, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

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Nintendo 3DS: Stolen And Stripped

With Nintendo’s release date drawing ever closer for its latest 3DS console, we knew it wouldn’t be long before one slipped out undetected. Unfortunately for the device it has been grabbed and dissected in the hope of finding out more about its 3D credentials.

Nintendo 3DS Blog managed to source stills from TVG Zone, of the operation, and although we can clearly see the new control button layout with 360-degree joystick and slider control for 3D-to-2D imaging, these were additions that we already knew about. Part of the stripping showed the removal of its ARM processor, but as yet we are waiting on more detailed information.

Whilst as Engadget agree, specifications are a little unexciting at the moment, we are sure that there are some that will enjoy the dissection pictures.

It’s worth knowing that at least one of the hand-held 3D consoles is out on the streets somewhere, so expect some more in depth detailing to follow.

Are you waiting the arrival of the first 3D portable gaming device? Tell us if what’s inside matters to you, or would you rather just see what’s on the surface?

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