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Android Market Vs. Apple’s App Store: Growth Rate Results

January 12, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

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Android Market Vs. Apple’s App Store: Growth Rate Results

With the mobile phone market increasing in handsets, so do app titles and quantities according to a recent research study of 2010 carried out by Distimo. The mobile phone business is huge and with the Consumer Electronics Show been and gone already, it seems that it will be expanding further. On looking at statistical information, you will not be surprised to hear then that the two front runners of the survey were of Apple and Android.

According to, although Apple had the highest amount of app content with some 300,000 in the iPhone US app chart, it was Android that had proved themselves worthy with their highest rate of overall growth. In fact by 500%, giving them a staggering as stated, 130,000 apps in America by the last day of December 2010. On comparison to the year before in 2009, this was up by six times.

Following closely behind came contenders Nokia and BlackBerry. On looking at the survey results, Nokia’s free apps have contributed to the app market therefore making them triple in the region of 25,000, this quite rightly earn’t them the spot of third place. On the other hand, on sourcing BlackBerry’s figures, they too have risen, in fact tripling the amount of apps offered last year to a current 18,000. Distimo’s analysts were keen to share their thoughts with the rest of the world by saying, “The high download volumes of free applications appear to attract developers to switch to monetization methods other than paid.”

It may or may not surprise you to hear that the percentage of apps purchased are of the “free” variety, whilst apps by payment dropped. Distimo’s results concluded that free apps for the iPhone included that of Facebook, Twitter, Skype whilst Android’s titles were of the same but with Gmail and Google Maps. Over at the BlackBerry App Store, the most popular were that of Facebook, Pandora and BlackBerry Messenger.

Tell us where do you get your apps and is there one(s) that you couldn’t be without? Let us know.

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