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Verizon’s iPhone Event: Last Minute Predictions / Wish List


With the Verizon event fast approaching, there are some key features that have been identified as ‘must haves’ but we want to know if you agree? The Verizon iPhone has been one of the most talked about devices in recent times so let’s have a look at the things we are expecting and see if they match up with your expectations.

Perhaps the biggest feature that it needs, is CDMA connectivity, this will enable an iPhone to run on the Verizon network, without it there isn’t much point. If the Verizon iPhone gets CDMA then why should it not have LTE connectivity? Verizon announced enough LTE compatible devices at CES 2011 so what is to stop the launch of an LTE compatible iPhone?

An absolute must have for the new device is a better antenna, one that doesn’t drop the signal quality when you give it the ‘death grip’ or as we know it, holding a phone normally. This problem was acknowledged by Apple but there has never really been any permanent solution. If Apple cannot fix the problem with the antenna then they need to offer out the bumpers as they did with the iPhone 4 ‘with the purchase’ instead of allowing users to get frustrated with the loss of signal and then offer it out.

Don Reisinger over at eWeek has said that the phone needs to come in a white version, although we don’t see this as a necessity. Many users have been searching for the new device although it has never been officially announced. What do you think; do you need a choice of colors for the new device?

Something else mentioned by Reisinger was the massive overload of interest that the iPhone 4 received on the pre-ordering system of AT&T; they simply weren’t ready for it. When Verizon gets the iPhone it needs to have a well constructed, sufficient ordering system to avoid the embarrassment that AT&T suffered. Accommodating customers here is key; Verizon has been very good at this in the past so we are hoping they don’t fall at this hurdle.

The device simply cannot take a step backwards, it has to be better than the current iPhone 4 so no features that are present can really be dropped, especially the likes of the front and back facing camera to accommodate FaceTime, the powerful chips inside and the retina display.

Once we finally hear the announcement that Verizon will have the device, we are confident that it will pay off. Patrick Stafford over at is saying that Apple are predicting to ship 13 million or more iPhones on Verizon, this is quite simply because of the demand of the best device coupled with the best network. Confidence is high that the Verizon iPhone will be the dominant device on the market by some way. If you would like to see more of the reports that we have written on the Verizon iPhone then click here for a full list.

What do you think? Is there anything else that you feel is a must have for the iPhone? Maybe you want to see GSM compatibility for international users or an improved battery life? Let us know in the comments below your last predictions for the Verizon iPhone in the comments below.

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  1. Julian says:

    Voice texting as on many of the current verizon droid phones.
    Turn by turn GPS.
    Better camera.

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