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Twitter’s Future Vision Seen Through “New CEO’s” Eyes

Twitter’s Future Vision Seen Through “New CEO’s” Eyes

Twitter, one of the largest social networking sites is not only growing in popularity and offering a fantastic communication tool for the likes of Joe Bloggs and the mere celebrity, but with a new CEO “Dick Costolo” on board, a new long-term future vision has been reported.

Since Costolo’s take over from predecessor “Evan Williams,” it seems Costolo is keen to give Twitter a purpose, an aim, a goal to work towards, and with most business organisations, a set of objectives has to be put in place to reach this. Taking part in an interview with “The Telegraph’s” Emma Barnett reported on 26 November, she asked Costolo what his long-term vision was for the company’s purpose. Mashable reported that he answered, “I am working on clarity around that at the moment. I am currently trying to define what Twitter’s purpose is in the long term. We will be able to be more specific on that answer in the near future.”

People it seemed were a little surprised as to how the networking site did not have a long-term vision, but that was then, the here and now brings us something different. At the recent Los Angeles event CES last week, Costolo was asked whether he had found “the answer.” It seems on reflection that he has. In reply he said, “We want to instantly connect people everywhere to what’s most important to them.” Expanding on this, he went on to say that Twitter is connecting people for a purpose, it can be used for all sorts of communication purposes, and he ended by saying that the next step is to make the company a profitable one.

What changes if any would you like to see in the future? Let us know your thoughts.

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