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NVIDIA and Intel Patent Dispute: 6 Year $1.5B Settlement Deal

January 11, 2022 | Tim Ollason

As many of you will know, Nvidia and Intel are two microchip designers who are in direct competition with each other. Intel is the larger of the two companies and has finally settled a dispute between the two of them by paying NVIDIA $1.5 billion.

This will resolve the legal dispute that began back in 2009 when Intel sued Nvidia over the rights to make an Intel chip design, Nvidia responded by counter-suing. Now that the dispute has been settled the companies can get on with what they do best and that is pleasing customers with developing products.

With technology going mobile, surely it would make sense for both Intel and Nvidia to combine forces and please the technological world together in a profitable partnership, don’t you think? According to the figures released over at the BBC News section, Intel currently dominates the market by supplying the micro-processors for 80% of the worlds PC.

Of course, after the CES 2011 event, we have seen an abundance of tablet PCs displayed, including the Motorola Xoom. If the forecast over the next few years is right, then Intel may not see quite as much of the market share that they are seeing now, especially seeing as Nvidia is so popular amongst the mobile market. Rapid growth is on the cards for mobile devices so hold on to your hats; we are in for quite a ride. are also reporting on how MacBook models with screen sizes of 13 inches or less are using dedicated graphics on Intel’s Sandy Bridge processor instead of including an NVIDIA GPU, read on over at their article.

What do you think of the squabbles that Nvidia and Intel have had in recent times? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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