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CDMA Verizon iPad release coming: But will it be iPad 2?

CDMA Verizon iPad release coming: But will it be iPad 2?

Following on from all the news and excitement today of a Verizon iPhone 4, a CDMA version of the iPhone 4 from Apple, we now have news that a CDMA iPad for Verizon’s own network will also be released.

Instead of merely selling the usual Apple iPad it will get its own version incorporating an embedded chip according to Greg Bensinger over on Bloomberg. The chief financial officer for Verizon Communications Inc., Francis Shammo, spoke of this news in New York today but there is no word yet of when it would actually be released.

So far Verizon Wireless has sold the WiFi version of the iPad in a bundle with MiFi in contrast to AT&T where the device connects directly to its network. We’re wondering if this would in fact be the next-generation iPad, a Verizon iPad 2, or if a CDMA version will be released of the original iPad.

Erica Ogg over on Cnet also tells more about a CDMA iPad and notes that many felt that when Verizon started selling the iPad last September, that it was a sign that the carrier would also be getting the iPhone and now those predictions have been proven accurate.

What do you think about an iPad directly connected to the Verizon network? We’d be interested to hear from you so why not send us your comments on this.

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