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Apple Apps 2011 To Fit The Bachelor Lifestyle

January 11, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

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Apple Apps 2011 To Fit The Bachelor Lifestyle

If you are entering this year as either a new single man or an old hand at bachelor-ism, there are certain levels of commitment that need to be addressed to be classed as a true bachelor.

Peter over at PR News decided to investigate some of the best apps to assist any discerning gentlemen achieve the ultimate single man title in 2011.

To kick off The Complete Bachelor at $0.99, gives etiquette skills and tips to teach and guide the user into this lifestyle. Moving up from here The Complete Bachelor Guide at $1.99, delves deeper, covering a number of topics including; How to dress and act in public along with a whole manner of different sections.

To add extra talents to your CV, Bachelors Banquet for $0.99, complements the two Apple iOS apps above by giving a range of meals to impress your chosen female acquaintance. But to kick the evening off in, style why not go for the $9.99, iPad only app named The Bachelor’s Grub Guide-Over 100 Recipes. Not only will it allow clearer recipe guidance, it will also give you the opportunity to really show off to collect those all important points.

So if your a single man looking to secure your name against the eligible bachelor title, why not check out these little helpers and tell us which one was best for you?

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