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YouTube Homeless Ted Williams: In Super Bowl Ad?

YouTube Homeless Ted Williams: In Super Bowl Ad?

At the start of last week, Debbie here at OSM reported on Ted Williams, the homeless man who became a YouTube sensation after pulling in some 4 million viewings using his gifted vocal chords. The man who had been begging, was seen on the side of the road holding up a cardboard sign saying that he had an extraordinary “golden voice,” which stopped passers by listening to him.

It now seems that as William’s job prospects are reaching staggering heights with plenty of offers to speak of, he has been been asked to star in the next Super Bowl commercial. As reported, the ad seeing Williams featured for just five seconds will no doubt raise his profile even more. Alongside this, NFL films have said that they would like to use him for voiceover work and AirTran Airways have been reported as giving Williams free air travel.

Dentists have said that they will set to work on brand new teeth as well as giving Williams a sense of “getting back to normality” with the help of counsellors.

Tell us what you think of Ted Williams and his raise to fame? Do you think he should be encouraged to participate in the next American Football ad?

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  1. lisa says:

    yay!! i love good news for ted!

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