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Verizon iPhone: Disaster For AT&T?

January 10, 2022 | Maddy Rowe
Verizon iPhone: Disaster For AT&T?

With just a day to go until Verizon’s press event which will hopefully end months and months of speculation surrounding the iPhone, what potentially will this mean for carrier AT&T? At first thought, one would assume that the iPhone’s switch over to Verizon would have detrimental effects on AT&T but in a report from the guys over at Mashable, this could be further from the truth?

It seems for some time now, AT&T have been gearing themselves up for this moment. Ok, so yes there’s no guarantee that the carrier will not be affected, of course they will, but not to the extent that perhaps people think. The second largest mobile phone carrier have had time to adjust to the idea of the takeover, as well as the announcement at CES of up and coming phone handsets such as their Motorola Atrix 4G, nominated as one of the best phones to be coming this year. Taking a little moment to put things into prospective, users may realise that switching over from AT&T to Verizon will just simply cost too much especially for those that are enlisted on “family plans.” Costs may include that of the “early termination fee” that was imposed back in 2010.

As Mashable pointed out in their findings, the second fee for subscribers to consider is that of the actual iPhone itself. Currently the AT&T offering is based on UMTS 3G technology whilst Verizon’s will be based on their own CDMA 3G (supposedly UMTS being the better of the two) therefore, users will have to buy a new handset and contract.

It is difficult to ascertain where AT&T’s future lies but only time will tell. Subsequent problems that they will be up against is that Verizon has taken the number one spot for 3G network coverage in America and judging by their announcement last week, they are hoping to expand this over the next 36 months. On Verizon’s arrival, users will be pleased to learn that they will also be offering unlimited data.

On rounding up, what it really boils down to is not only personal preference, but the both of them bringing the speed and strength of their 4G network rollouts.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you an AT&T subscriber and are you willing to swallow the cost to change?

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