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Ryan Babel Officially Charged By FA: Twitter Rant The Cause

January 10, 2022 | Tim Ollason

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Ryan Babel Officially Charged By FA: Twitter Rant The Cause

Following Liverpool’s loss to arch rivals Manchester United, Ryan Babel proceeded join the bandwagon and plunge into the debate via Twitter. Babel is fairly famous for using Twitter as I am sure most Liverpool FC fans are aware, but was he out of order?

Of course, Babel isn’t the only player who uses Twitter, many of the QPR players are blasting El Hadj Diouf over the popular site for his unkind words towards Jamie Mackie who suffered a double fracture to his leg for things that he said. Perhaps Diouf will face similar consequences but they have to be in the same category of offense don’t they? Although Diouf’s may be seen as slightly more sickening.

The young Dutchman Ryan Babel blasted the English games best referee Howard Webb saying “And they call him one of the best referees? That’s a joke. SMH.” Babel isn’t the only football related person to be commenting on Howard Webb’s performance, Kenny Dalglish’s son Paul also said “Howard Webb MBE. Manc of the Busby Era. I am not normally bitter, as you know, but it is different rules against them”. See the picture below that Babel added to his Twitter page.

We reported that Ryan Babel may get charged by the FA, well now its official, he is the first footballer to have a charge imposed by the FA for using a social networking site to criticize a referee. The actual charge is for ‘Improper Conduct’, Babel has even apologized on his Twitter page to Howard Webb saying that it was just an emotional reaction. Read his Twitter page and let us know if you think he may have been ‘advised’ to change his tune.

Whilst tempers ran high in the game, as a professional you always have to behave as one, on the pitch and off. Ryan Babel is the first of many I’m sure unless clubs start to actually ban their players from social networking, which may or may not help the game. A lot of players feel closer to the fans by using social networking tools such as Twitter. You can read what the BBC had to say about it on their site. You can also keep up with any further proceedings on one of the many Liverpool Twitter pages. Also, if you want to know what the player is capable of, head to the bottom of the article for one of his most memorable goals.

The main point of this is that Ryan Babel is now officially the first footballer to be charged by the FA for things that he said over a social networking site.

Do you agree with the decision by the FA to charge Ryan Babel for his rant? What do you think of El Hadj Diouf’s behavior towards a player being stretchered off with a double break on his leg? Let your thoughts and feelings be known in the comments below.

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