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Nox Audio: Android Based Headphones With Built In Screen

January 10, 2022 | Tim Ollason


Nox Audio: Android Based Headphones With Built In Screen

We at OSM have seen some pretty crazy things in our time, some of them include Chicken Cam, a cell phone deflecting a bullet, the man with the golden voice and of course an external hard drive being shot with an M16 and a shotgun.

Now we are going to report on something that is a bit different, this is the Nox Audio headphones that are running on the Android OS. Straight away, you will more than likely be thinking ‘You what?’ as most of us at OSM were, but there has been a set of headphones developed with a screen on the one side running on the growing Android operating system.

According to, they will have 256 MB of RAM, a 2.4” LCD, 1GB Flash Storage, an ARM11 processor and of course, will be running on Android’s 2.1 OS. The headphones will also have WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities. This means that you will be able to stream music from your phone through the headphones or when you are in a WiFi area stream music through a source of media, Pandora has been suggested.

This is a really interesting concept that they have come up with, you can read more information about it over at where Sean Hollister has written an article on the device or head over to for another opinion. Both sources contain the full press release that gives you all the information released at the CES 2011 event. You can also visit Nox Audio’s official website that contains lots of their products for you to browse.

What do you think of this invention? What do you expect in the future from the device? Let us know in the comments below.

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