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Nintendo 3DS / 3D TV: Identifies Visual Disorders?

January 10, 2022 | Debbie Turner

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Nintendo 3DS / 3D TV: Identifies Visual Disorders?

We’ve been bringing you news about the upcoming Nintendo 3DS and recent posts included one about leaked photos and video and then just a short time ago we told you more about the expected release date and how many units might be sold. We also told you previously about an advisory that had been issued about children’s eyesight while using the 3DS.

The advisory was aimed at children under the age of six but now news has come in that kids under 6 are likely to have no problems with playing on the Nintendo 3DS. Matt Peckham over on PC World reports that the American Optometric Association has released a press statement saying that as long as kid’s eyesight is developing normally, young kids will be fine to play 3D games on the Nintendo. In fact the statement goes on to say that far from damaging kid’s eyesight, it may actually reveal visual disorders that could be corrected.

Problems with eyesight, such as eye misalignment or farsightedness, could be caught early if children have problems viewing 3D whether it be on a gaming console, a 3D TV or a 3D movie. However although the statement will put a lot parent’s minds at rest the AOE still recommends that young children should only use devices such as the Nintendo 3DS in moderation.

Meanwhile if you want to know some of the games will be available for the Nintendo 3DS on release then check out an article by Keith Stuart on the Guardian who lists several games and tells more about the device. Would/will you let your young child play on the Nintendo 3DS? Isn’t it just commonsense to moderate the amount of time children spend playing any kind of gaming console? We’d welcome your thoughts on this.

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