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Motorola Xoom Sales Expectations: Four Different Colors

January 10, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

As we all saw at the recent CES show in Las Vegas, tablet devices are going to be the big movers of 2011. Venturing into the start of a new year, Motorola has been said to be moving between 700,000 and 800,000 of its Xoom tablets within the first quarter.

Interesting enough a report from Digitimes states that the Xoom will be available in four color scheme choices, which will give different twist to the dark colored tablets currently on the market.

On Monday part suppliers for the Xoom said that if demand is high enough the Android 3.0 tablet could command shipping figures close to the 1,000,000 mark.

Electronista reported that a source commented on Xoom’s Android 3.0, remarking that tablets with 7 inch to 10 inch displays cope best with the OS, providing that it supports at least a 720p screen.

Adding to Motorola’s figure stats, there has been talk of Google showing certain manufacturers favoritism when it comes to support. Those at the top of Google’s list are Motorola and Samsung’s tablets, with LG and HTC next inline with their G-Slate and Scribe. Those at the bottom of the pile will likely have their release dates postponed towards the end of March, MSI’s WindPad 100A has also been rumored to carry Android 3.0.

These figures from Motorola will not include January takings, though sales figures for the launch are expected to be modest. With Apple and Samsung’s head start in the tablet market, the Galaxy Tab is looking to sell 1.5 million units, with Apple pushing the boundaries of 7 million for its iPad over the same period.

How do you think that Motorola’s Xoom will fair even with Google’s support against such big players?

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