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Livid QPR Players Attack El Hadji Diouf On Twitter After Taunts

January 10, 2022 | Matt Tran

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Twitter has once again today been used as a battleground instead of communication platform as another football rant has taken place. The controversy is because El Hadji Diouf, the Blackburn Rovers striker taunted an injured opponent during the FA Cup tie against Queen’s Park Rangers over the weekend.

Twitter is becoming an increasingly more popular and convenient place to do your dirty work as we have seen in similar cases today with the Liverpool players Glen Johnson and Ryan Babel who made comments over the microblogging site in regard to incidents that occurred during their match yesterday against Manchester United. Several QPR players took to Twitter to launch their anger at Diouf because of his disrespectful behaviour towards their team mate.

As you can see by the photo courtesy of The Telegraph, the QPR player Jamie Mackie had to be stretchered off with a broken leg after a bad collision with a Blackburn defender. What he did not expect whilst laying in agony was an opponent to shout rude taunts to him about his injury. Just to add insult to injury, Blackburn won the game 1-0 and Diouf went unpunished but the FA may take action.

Fan House has reported that Mackie himself tweeted, and told of how Diouf stood over him and screamed “F*** you and f*** your leg!”. The QPR manager Neil Warnock was also livid, and spoke about the incident, describing Diouf as “a gutter-type of boy”, “the lowest of the low” and said that “to call him a sewer rat would be an insult to sewer rats”. The Rover’s striker has always been a generally disliked and controversial figure with his disrespect and behaviour and now all of Twitter is aware of what type of a person he really is. Leave us your thoughts on the type of punishment that should be handed out and if you think Twitter is becoming a place for verbal war.

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  1. oztheman says:

    Yes there are a few people who don't like him but he defends his team mates from that lunatic forward Makie's tackle which went unpunished, yes we did get the free kick.. Givet was stretchered off but luckily the criminal got the worst of it. Makie does not deserve any better the team that played against us Rovers came for a fight elbowing Hanley Hoilett and off ball kicking M.Diouf..Warnocks tactics were abysmal and a disgrace..Rovers made 7 fouls QPR made 21..Finally with PROOF was it not Warnock who was sent off from the technical area by referee G.Poll for telling his players to "BREAK HIS LEGS NEXT TIME"??Diouf does more for charities than any other premiership player..WE who went to the game know who the sewer rat is loosing in Blackburn he has gone back to London whinging and diversifying attention from his teams abysmal tactics. trying to make the villain and idiot MAKIE look like the victim..NEXT TIME MAKIE THINK OF YOUR OWN FUTURE .. NOT WHAT YOUR MANAGER INSTRUCTS YOU TO DO

    • Ash says:

      The reason we committed more fouls is due to the fact premiership clubs are over protected by officials and has nothing to do with us being more physical, and the fact players in the top flight drop at a slight breeze. Lets be honest Blackburn aren't exactly known for their fair play are they!!

      Tackles go in all the time that are over the top and I'm not trying to say that Mackies tackle wasn't in this case but the issue here isn't the tackle or even the injury it is the attitude of a Blackburn player and I would be disgusted if one of our players taunted an injured fellow professional in this way.

      I also find it amazing that anyone could defend such an appalling excuse for a human being.

    • El Cid says:

      How do you know Diouf does more for charity than any other player?

      No doubt your'e a BRFC fan!

      The Lancashire Evening Telegraph's site is full of similar crap.

      Warnock's opinion is generally supported by the majority of fans of other clubs.Look at posts on blogs other than those heavily weighted with the views of Blackburn fans.

      Can't believe how low some people can stoop trying to defend the indefensible.

      Just look at his track record - Spitting at fans,spitting at players,altercations with ball boys and police warnings in the tunnel.The guy is bad news and drags down the image of BRFC.

      • graham says:

        cant agree with you more mate the bloke is a bloody disgrace…when he played for bwfc it really got me down…id rather have 11 decent blokes playing and winning nowt , than have somebody like this in the side
        hes a disgrace to football , blackburn , senegal and most importantly to himself and family…well said el cid

      • oztheman says:


  2. paa baa says:

    your a joke you. how can you defend diouf, are you on drugs.the macks leg was broken and hes over him taunting him,so i take it that your the type just like diouf.kick a man when hes down and also with a two breaks to his leg,my god you should be ashamed of yourself. so we now know there is more sewer rats than diouf. you defending him makes you a sewer rat aswell,fine supporting your club but supporting diouf with this type of behavior, well im not going there but like they say certain cultures stick together, shame on you .you bring desgrace to our football

  3. savo says:

    mackie deserved it tbf

    • paa baa says:

      how can you justify he deserved one deserves that.typical blackburn fans attitude, break legs and be proud.your just as bad as the sewer rat

  4. oztheman says:

    simple I was at the game rovers made 7 fouls QPR made 21 fouls 19 yr old hanley had his nose broken after 9 min with an elbow so did hoilett and m.diouf also got kicked off the ball.. THE SEWER RAT WARNOCK must be telling his players to break opponents legs and STUPID MAKIE fell for it the ball was no where near GIVETS RIGHT LEG when he went for him, it was one of the worst challenges I have seen in 25 yrs NO intention of playing the ball.. GIVET was strechered off Pederson was the first to react then EHD then captain nelson who all gave MAKIE A tirade of verbal abuse but EHD is an easy target for warnock to diversify attention..Simon garner also has blasted warnock in the LET..When you are playing physical football you need players to stand up for each other thats all EHD did.. did LFC COMPLAIN ABOUT GERARD BEING SURROUNDED BY MUFC TEAM and were they saying sorry stevie g.. I dont think so .. THE FA WOULD BE STUPID TO EVEN TRY BUT THEN YOUR A QPR SEWER RAT so defend the criminal who tried to break our players leg and broke his own ..thats why we got a free kick it was MAKIES FAULT!!

    • paa baa says:

      it was a 50/50 ball. both players said and they shook hands, the problem lies with what diouf .your going on about shit whats nothing to do with anything.the point is what diouf did, he didnt have to do what he done and ive been to that ground so dont boast you go the game because its not like you have sell outs is it.and by the way im not a QPR fan im a LIVERPOOL fan and ive seen diouf going about what hes good at and its not football.dont think it will be long before hes in the papers on a charge of something his type of character would do,

      • oztheman says:


    • jeff says:

      i was at the game.. mackie went to clear the ball upfield and miss judged the bounce and givet went lunging in and mackie clattered givet.. his eyes were always on the ball if you watch the video back you silly fuck.. typical blackburn scum.. you live in a shithole

  5. GUIDO says:

    Strange! There was no ill feeling then between givet and MACKIE who shook hands in the treatment room and all the paper i've read and the player described it as a 50/50. You are obviously blinkered in your view OZTHEMAN.

    • oztheman says:


      • GUIDO says:

        You seem to think that because you were at the game you have more right to an opinion. I must say, i'm impressed that you managed to see something real time without the add of slow motion that the cameras didn't pick up. You must have some eye sight and memory to recall in accurate detail something that was over in a split second.

        The thing that really bothers me about your attitude is the fact you are describing a Jamie Mackie that no QPR fan will recognize. Jamie's a decent hard working player without a malicious bone in his body not the Warnock Pitch Enforcer you make him out to be.

        In fact, I seriously doubt you were at the match, coz if you were you would have noticed, Jamie Mackie not exactly built like a thug is he doesn't strutt round menacingly…. Not built like a Wardrobe, not like El Hadji Diouf.

  6. Ninis says:

    it may have been a foul by mackie but it was not deliberate. ryan shawcross was crying when he broke ramseys leg. the fact here is that diouf is a cold hearted scum bag, and no one has the right to abuse a player whether he is injured or not, especially if someone has just had his leg broken. if diouf is a man he will come out and appologise for his scummy actions, still there is no excuse for bad judgement, he has always been scum and should be banned from football. football is a game of entertainment and passion, and at the end of the day footballers are co workers, no one should have to deal with rotten people like diouf, he is a disgrace to the meaning of football.

  7. Peter Flanagan says:

    Oztheman you are a simpleton, idiot and stupid enough to pay money that pay the wages of a complete thug. Ask yourself one question why have so many clubs come out supporting Mackie and ZERO for that excuse of a human being that bully's his gob around a football field, you should be ashamsd of yourself!!

    • oztheman says:

      WHICH CLUBS HAVE COME TO VILLAIN MAKIES DEFENCE??? STOP LIEING AND LIVE IN THE REAL WORLD… YOU LISTEN TO 909 AND SPORTTALK TOOOO MUCH.. I was there were half the people who have made comments ??? play the WHITE MAN?? Managers know how to play on Boyers , Bartons temprement and past and idiots fall for it… lets SEE WHAT THE FA do ??

  8. paa baa says:

    ozthemanyour blabbing on about what warnock said and he fouled him and he done this and they done that
    this is about dioufs behaviour and they way he went about the end of the day i will be happy with a bit of what happens to him he deserves it..i remember being at liverpool and he was hated after he spat at the celtic fan,because he was a liverpool player and he was our player dosent mean we have to protect him and we didnt why should a club protect a player who spits at the people who pay his wages. if blackburns manager kean decides to keep diouf then football will now blackburn for the wrong reasons.

  9. paa baa says:


    1) Community-minded Diouf
    Diouf was sentenced to community service as youngster at Rennes for crashing his car and injuring a woman. His case was not helped by the fact he did not have a driving licence at the time.

    2) Diouf against the machine
    A four game international ban awaited Senegalese Diouf, after he unleashed a tirade of abuse against a referee at the African Nations tournament in 2004.

    3) Phlegmy Diouf
    Diouf's failure to keep his saliva to himself has landed him in hot water numerous times. He has been in trouble for spitting while playing for Liverpool, Bolton and Blackburn, collecting hefty fines and suspensions along the way. The most innocent recipient of Diouf's spittle was perhaps an 11 year old Middlesbrough fan in 2004. Rank.

    4) Diving Diouf
    Diouf's diving was brought to our attention for Bolton's winning goal against Blackburn in 2005. His own manager, Sam Allardyce was damming in his verdict, "He's been doing it all his life," he conceded.

    5) Drink Driving Diouf
    Having now gained his driving licence, Diouf was to lose it for a year in December, 2005, after being found guilty of drink driving.

    6) Punch and Dioufy
    John Terry's speciality is of course sleeping with his team-mates' wives. Diouf prefers (allegedly) punching them. In 2006, he was released without charge following allegations he had punched the ex-wife of Senegal team-mate Khalilou Fadiga whilst partying in Dakar nightclub. Surprisingly no-one cashed in with 'Team Fadiga' t-shirts though.

    7) Sneaky Diouf
    Diouf admitted to getting himself sent off whilst playing for Bolton in 2007. He did so knowing that a domestic suspension would mean he was available to play for Senegal.
    8) Bust-up Diouf
    A changing room altercation at Sunderland led to Diouf threatening Anton Ferdinand. He was sold to Blackburn three days later.

    9) Smokescreen Diouf
    In September 2009, Diouf was accused of calling an Everton ball boy 'White Boy'. He said he was reacting to having banana's thrown at him, although nobody else could see any bananas…

    10) Diouf and tumble
    Diouf was sent off for a two footed lunge in January 2010, assisting Blackburn's FA Cup demise in the FA Cup at Villa Park. The victim of the tackle was international team mate, and so called 'friend' Habib Beye. With friends like Diouf…

    Your Pissing against the ,

  10. oztheman says:

    10 SINS ??? I HOPE YOU ARE COUNTING ROONEYS..EHD has just this, look up DIOUFY FOUNDATION there are more than a few overpaid footballers who dont do this kind of thing FOR STARVING UNDERPRIVELIGED CHILDREN..But what would you know about the hungry and poor ??

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