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ioSafe Hard Drive Vs. Shotgun, M16: CES 2011 Demonstration

ioSafe Hard Drive Vs. Shotgun, M16: CES 2011 Demonstration

If anyone is looking for a super tough hard drive, then we don’t think you will find out much tougher than this. The rugged portable hard drive was demonstrated at CES 2011 as being able to withstand submersion in water of the fresh and salt variety. One thing led to another and the guys wanted to have some fun with it to see what else it can withstand.

So whilst at the gun range, what better way to test a bit of shock treatment for a hard drive than shooting it with a 12-gauge shotgun? We have already seen that cell phones can deflect a bullet, but how would a portable drive do? 6 shotgun blasts later, the device is still there but it’s just been peppered from the shots as seen below.

As it withstood the shotgun blasts, they stepped up a notch, they moved onto an M16 (in the video they say M16 but it looks like an M4 to us). The first hit from the M16 just glanced the case and the data was still recoverable as it was hit on the edge. If the shot has been central then the hard drive would have been a goner.

So let’s summarize what this tough portable hard drive from ioSafe can do. It can stay submerged in either fresh or salt water for up to 3 days, it can withstand 6 shots from a 12-gauge shotgun and it has been able to take 1 shot from an M16 assault rifle and it’s data is still readable. Pretty impressive. Head to the bottom of our article to see a video of the action.

The device will be available in 250GB to 1TB, it has USB 3.0 and FireWire connectivity and according to’s Nick Barber, all purchased drives come with a one year warranty of data recovery services. If you want 5 year coverage then you will need to pay $100 or if you only want 3 years it will be $50. Barber also mentions that the recovery service also covers ‘accidental deletion’.

You can visit ioSafe’s official website where your can learn more about the device and its capabilities. Another useful source of information about the device is the ioSafe blog.

Are you impressed by this device? Is there any need for a device to be as rugged as this? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Abe Fromen says:

    It's not an M4 either. Guess again.

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