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Facebook Profile Updated: Old Vs. New - Which Do You Prefer?

Facebook Profile Updated: Old Vs. New – Which Do You Prefer?

Now that you have had some time to look at both your old and new profile on Facebook, we want to know which of the two you prefer. The new style looks pretty cool and it looks even better if you apply the method provided with Schweppes that we recently reported.

In the old style, you had your profile picture in the top left hand corner with your name displayed next to it, under your name you had your viewing options such as Wall, Info, Photos Events and Video. Beneath that you had your Share options of Status, Photo, Link and Video. Then underneath the ‘Share’ you can see which ever viewing option is, example being if you have Wall selected, you will see what ever is being displayed on your Wall. See the example profile below as a before.

If you would like to get the new profile now, all you need to do is follow this link to the Facebook new profile page, have a read of the changes and then at the bottom of the page towards the right hand side you will see a ‘Get The New Profile’ button as shown in the picture below.

Once you have clicked the button, you will be directed to your new look profile with the option of ‘Start Tour’ so you can have a proper look at the changes. First you are given some advice on how to ‘Introduce yourself’ then that you are showing your friends your tagged photos. The next explanation is on getting around more easily followed by sharing your experiences, lastly Facebook tells you about how to showcase your interests. Once you are done with the advice, click the ‘Finish Tour’ button and then you can update your profile how you wish. Have a look below to see the difference between the previous old profile and the new profile.

As of today, if you do not update your profile to the new version, Facebook will actually upgrade for you. Unfortunately there is no alternative unless you want to try jazzing up your profile to cope with some of the profile hacks. If you don’t like it, don’t worry too much as Facebook will probably change it all over again in a few months! Of course you can read more about the changes and also about the profile hacks over at where Christina Warren has written an article.

What do you think of the new Facebook profile? Are you impressed or did you prefer the old style? Let us know in the comments below.

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