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Apple dropping restocking fees: Link to Verizon iPhone release?

Apple dropping restocking fees: Link to Verizon iPhone release?

Much of the tech news of the moment is all about the iPhone and specifically a Verizon iPhone which is due to be announced at a special Verizon Event tomorrow, January 11. We’ve been bringing you news about that event including the full background to the Verizon iPhone and where you can find live blogs and times for the event, but news has come to us today that Apple is about to drop its restocking fees at its retail stores.

Apple has been strangely quiet about the Verizon iPhone event tomorrow although it has been strongly rumored that Steve Jobs will be attending. Now we’re wondering if there’s any link between Apple dropping the restocking fees as when do you think that begins? Of course, tomorrow, the same day as the Verizon event. Mark Gurman over on 9to5Mac reports that all Apple restocking fees are to be dropped from tomorrow.

This fee applied if you returned an opened product to the store and a 10% fee was charged but from tomorrow you still have 14-days to return an item but now won’t have to pay the fee. However the cancellation of restocking fees will be useful if you wish you’d ordered an upgraded version of an Apple product. 9to5Mac also notes the date of January 11 being the same date as the Verizon event and also Sean Hollister over on Engadget wonders if this means there will be more of an Apple presence at the event than previously thought.

Meanwhile an article over on Electronista makes the excellent point that the restocking fees being cancelled in time for a Verizon iPhone launch would fit perfectly for people who had recently opted for the AT&T iPhone but had really wanted one on Verizon. After all we know that some readers who’d waited patiently for a Verizon iPhone eventually lost hope and plumped for the AT&T iPhone. Whatever the reason it’s good news for Apple consumers as it covers all Apple products.

Are you eagerly awaiting the Verizon iPhone and will the cancellation of restocking fees help you out if you’d recently purchased the Apple iPhone from AT&T? We’d be interested to hear from you about this so please do send us your comments

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  1. Joann says:

    I beleave it shows that the may very well be a verizon iphone, I have waited patiently for 2 years sence I left att&t! I knew it would come.

  2. Fanny says:

    I have waited because anytime I brought something thinking it will be like the Iphone I was so disappointed so from this day forward if I can't have the real thing (apple) I don't want anything at all. So my patients has paid off I will get my just rewards in February. What a great Xmas present. Now, my next gift would be to see AT&T go out of business.

  3. Cleveland says:

    If Verizon has allowed this rumor to persist without addressing it, and there is no iPhone, there is bound to be a backlash from their customers. They called me a couple of days ago for and "early renewal" of my contract….and I told them I was waiting on the iPhone, which according to the rep I spoke to, I was one of MANY in that camp.

    So my bet is yes, it's almost here, in Q1 at the latest.

  4. Dukegirl says:

    Fanny - before wishing something like that think of all the people any families that work there that would affect. Millions would be out of a job. AT&T will never go out of business just like Verizon will never go out of business. AT&T has been here since a phone was created. Please don't be so selfish.

  5. Mindy says:

    Well, Mr. Jobs didn't pitch for the party. In fact the announcement seemed very much a sedate affair. I thought the major deal with getting an iPhone on the CDMA network, would mean an end to iPhone's woes with signal, and talking qualities. But very little has been said about this. Does this mean that the next verizon iPhone I'm getting, is going to have to be accompanied by a GSM tracfone this time?

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