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PlayStation Phone leak: More pics and preview of worst-kept secret

PlayStation Phone leak: More pics and preview of worst-kept secret

We’ve been following developments about the Sony PlayStation Phone for some time here at OSM. The phone which has at various times also been referred to as the Zeus Z1 and also the Xperia Play is sure to be a smash-hit when it’s finally released and one of our recent posts was about a spot of the PlayStation Phone running on Android 2.3, Gingerbread.

We then told about a preview of the phone on a Chinese website where the specs we found out about didn’t look so impressive when compared to some of the new phones coming out of CES 2001, such as the HTC Thunderbolt. Now Ross Miller over on Engadget reports that yet another Chinese website has given an in-depth preview of the PlayStation Phone. The source this time is TG Bus and although the text is in Chinese you can see a variety of photographs at that link.

Engadget makes the point that the preview doesn’t really add much to the first preview we told you about and also notes that the device could be being shared around different websites but it’s certainly interesting to find these previews arising about a phone that hasn’t even been announced yet! One thing this latest preview does provide is plenty of comparison shots with other devices such as the PSP Go, other Sony Ericsson Xperia handsets and many more.

Interestingly an article by Oliver Chiang over on Forbes tells us that at CES on Thursday some top Sony executives in talks with journalists did say that a PlayStation Phone was certainly a possibility. You can read more about that at the link but this has to be one of the worst-kept secrets around and maybe it’s time for Sony to come clean and tell us what many have been waiting to hear.

Are you one of those looking forward to a PlayStation Phone? If so what do you think of all the new photos and what you’ve heard about the device so far? Please let us know by sending your comments.

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  1. klone says:

    part 4

    Although the native Android 2.3 PSPhone present system, but to unlock the 2.1 system interface and X10i same. By sliding around the icon button, the user can unlock the screen and start the silent operation. But the more regrettable as the project unit's sake, the current degree of system optimization PSPhone only 80% of the operation, often there will be some instability. Released from the vendor a few months, I believe that during this period PSPhone will receive the most perfect upgrade!

    Sony Ericsson PSPhone original Sony Bravia using LCD technology that Sharp ASV technology and screen technology is not the same. Bravia screen with Digital Reality Creation (high power density of high-quality fine) technology, can poor video signals into precise and structured quality; also filter noise frequency, multiply sharpness. So PSPhone screen fineness of the screen, whether or restore the degree of color are considered superior, and have ultra-wide viewing angle.

    PSPhone screen size reached FWVGA ( Full Wide VGA) level, but not yet reached the level of iPhone 4 in the Retina retina, so the naked eye at close range viewing screen can be observed subtle array of pixels. On the view from the index, PSPhone has reached the current top-end Android phones 854 × 480 resolution; so great precision beyond the resolution of 480 × 272 pixels PSP. However, follow us all wondering, it can directly run PSP games? According to the information Xiaobian present only temporarily unable to accurately determine its future ability to run PSP games. But according to screen resolution determine; approximately double the amount of filling the array of pixels (outer black bands), presage a future Sony Ericsson PSPhone transplantation foreshadowed PSP games?

    Android 2.3 version to the An Zhiping offers many new features sets. Include: re-design of the UI simple and fast interface, running speeds increase, more intuitive text input method, touch simple words and copy and paste option, improved battery management, better control of applications, and more humane interactive mode of communication (Internet phone, close contact, download manager, and camera). Briefly: Android 2.3 in the actual use of all our users to changes brought about mainly in the following areas: UI interface (there will be described below), better input methods, more powerful power management , new modes of communication, a richer gaming experience and a more comprehensive multimedia support.

    PSPhone built PlayStation Pocket gaming platform, this new platform will be the PSPhone after the game the only way to get genuine. Sony Ericsson will be expected to cause it to play a similar full-download platform Android Market (game store). Then in the end we will know PSPhone PlayStation games can only play (official emulator), or to support hundreds of PSP handheld game.

  2. klone says:

    part 5 final

    In addition to the official PlayStation Pocket, the user also can download a third party PS emulator. After measurement, 70% of the PS game can run smoothly on the PSPhone, strong enough to ensure the functioning of the continuity of the game. While the remaining 30% of the game does not run is because ROM version of the problem, this is the official simulator are the bane of more headaches, after all PS games too long ago.

    Android had used native input method friends would complain that their input in the reaction there is a delay, we can not immediately see their own input. But such a phenomenon occurred in the Android 2.3 is more of the above changes, our customers will see their input on the screen the letters immediately, without delays phenomenon.

    Another Android 2.3 added a new spell checking mechanism, we can just select the text of a letter in our mobile phones will be able to automatically answer the spelling of some of the recommendations given, and users need to do is select the correct result. But in the new input method is the most exciting virtual key combination for added support, for example, we can now be used in the English input mode Shift + way to enter the number without the need for us to switch to digital input mode.

    In the main interface and launcher (Launcher), "Options menu" provides "management application" interface shortcuts. Into the "management application" interface, the "running" (Running) tab lists the active application and storage space and memory. In the management of applications, Android2.3 taken a more active strategy. By reasonably close background applications, the new system to ensure the highest performance and longest life.

    Sony Ericsson PSPhone the key to winning is the top performance of both is a smart phone, but also absorbed the iPhone and a touch gameplay NDS PSP handheld game. Sony PSP game console to play at the release of a "21st century Walkman" on the cover, which incorporates three major elements of MP3/MP4 and high-performance games, in one fell swoop overturned exclusive Nintendo handheld GBA age 9 percent share of the market history; In the next-generation handheld war split the world with the NDS. Now PSPhone will once again become the industry's dark horse, subversive pattern of mobile game industry today? Xiaobian not speculate, but I hope all of them will wait and see!

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