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Man Utd vs Liverpool: Penalty and sending off - Twitter outrage


The third round F.A. cup match of Manchester United vs. Liverpool has just been played and the controversial events of the afternoon are already causing a storm of outrage on Twitter. We’ve often noticed recently that with big sporting events such as this there is very often a big reaction on Twitter, but when a match is full of incident then of course there will be even more.

The first contentious issue occurred only a minute into the game when Liverpool gave away a penalty to Man Utd. Liverpool’s new manager Kenny Dalglish watched in horror as Dimitar Berbatov was awarded a penalty after a somewhat slight challenge by Daniel Agger. The replays that were shown led a lot of people, including ITV pundits Sam Allardyce and Gareth Southgate, to think the decision to award the penalty had been harsh with Allardyce saying the referee, Howard Webb, had been too far away while Southgate felt Berbatov went down too easily. Ryan Giggs calmly converted the penalty to put United ahead 1-0.

Head to this Twitter page about the penalty where you can see how many other people felt and this Twitter page to read more about reactions to the game in general. There’s a very mixed bag of response with the sort of reactions you would expect from both sets of fans and other reports. Some tweets express that the decisions completely spoiled the game while understandably Manchester United fans seem quite happy and are revelling in the win and many Liverpool fans feel outrage.

The second main event of the game was Steven Gerrard being sent off for a two-footed dive with studs showing on Darren Fletcher and Webb deliberated for a few moments before producing the red card. This time Allardyce said the ref was in the perfect position to see the offence while Southgate asserted that Gerrard had been showing his frustration. To see some reponses about the sending off incident see this Twitter page here with some very upset tweets.

The final result was 1-0 and United fans could have felt slightly aggrieved that their team didn’t make more of the penalty advantage and being one man up. My own feelings on watching the match, as not quite an impartial observer but trying to be, were that the penalty was given too easily but the sending off seemed a valid decision. Even Dalglish’s reaction to the events seemed to suggest he felt the same as he instantly challenged the penalty but shrugged at the sending-off.

We’d like to know what you feel about Man U vs. Liverpool and the two controversial incidents so please feel free to send us your comments.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think that it is just a game but saddening that Liverpool lost due to a penalty since its the team i support but there's always next time!

    • gabrielczar says:

      Your right Anonymous. LFC arent used to the management of KD yet. Theyre still used to RH's management. If it wasnt for a easy penalty it could have been 0-0. Many Man Utd think that they can reach 2 points during an open play. hahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • annonymous says:

      I am appalled at what happened and certainly can understand why anyone would suggest Webb was totally biased to man utd until then I was certain he was a genuine guy but not anymore I'm afraid his decisions were appalling. I just wonder how refs in general feel when they see the replay or are they so arrogant that they dont bother to look, convinced that their initial decisions could not possibly be wrong. I too support man u so I am not a biased ranter

  2. chris pollard says:

    The penalty award I've give 5.9, 5.9 5.9 5.9 and finally a 6.0 as Berbatov is a joke, As regards to the Gerrard sending off, look at the previous challenge of Raphael on Meriles, did he ride around on the floor like Carrick no!
    For me a ruined afternoon, in an interview after the game Berbatov kept scratching the back of his head honest man I think not.
    For me, Kenny will get the best out of the squad, Starting with Blackpool on Wednesday, the lose of Gerrard is enormus however, one Liverpool will surmount.

    • JC1 says:

      There was contact and it was stupid of Aggar to stick his foot out there. Berba did go down easy but in the reverse scenario, Torres would do the same and has done many times.

      As for Gerrard, he kind of forced Webb's hand with a stupid type of challenge. Why two footed??? It was a strong yellow and very borderline red.


  3. Brian Clarke says:

    Cheats should be dealt with the same as bad fouls a straight red

    • Dem says:

      Think Gerrard has ridden his luck many times with avoiding red cards for aggressive tackles. Quite a dirty player and this time the ref saw it and he got punished.

  4. Yours Truely says:

    ruinied by that dive

  5. JoMac says:

    Wonder how much Fergy paid Webb?

  6. Raul says:

    At the time Berbatov went down Agger had his foot in front of him and his hand on his back. Why do people believe the rules change when entering the penalty box? "A bit harsh" means it was a foul but should be excused in the box. All Agger had to do was mark Dimitar to the end line. Problem solved!!

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