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CES Reveals Samsung NX 11 - Features i-Function Lens

CES Reveals Samsung NX 11 – Features i-Function Lens

So far CES 2011 has proven to be an exciting event. We have seen many different products coming through; some of them include 50 Cent’s range of wireless headphones and Sony’s pocket sized 3D camcorder.

Now we are bringing you some information around Samsung’s DSLR, the NX 11. The new i-Function lenses will be featured on top of the line models such as the NX11, which is a replacement for the NX10. The device will also have a 3” AMOLED display, a hotshoe, built in flash and an electronic viewfinder. It will have a 14.6 MP CMOS camera with the capability of recording videos in 720p HD.

The i-Function is pretty advanced, its so much more than just a camera lens. The way it works with the buttons in the right natural places for your left hand when taking a picture is fantastic. This means that you not have to take your eye off the shot. The functions that you can use with the lens are the things like aperture, EV, and shutter speed.

According to Slashgear’s Dylan Bailey, he expects the camera to retail for around $600 although this has not yet been confirmed. If you would like to read further information about the device then head over at and hit the features for its full list.

What do you think of the new camera? Will you be upgrading yours to the NX 11? Let us know in the comments below.

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