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CES 2011: Nintendo 3DS Explored In The Flesh Opinions Given

January 8, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

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CES 2011: Nintendo 3DS Explored In The Flesh Opinions Given

As the release of Nintendo’s 3DS draws ever closer, CES gave some the opportunity to get their hands on the latest 3D portable gaming device.

Mashable were one of the lucky ones and although they remarked on previously experiencing the hand-held console back at the E3 show, this time they were able to get a better feel for Nintendo’s newest offspring.

Displaying a 3.5-inch 3D screen, the 3DS doesn’t require you to wear glasses whilst still giving what was described as “multiple layers of action happening beneath the surface of the screen.”

Nintendo requested that no pictures were taken of the on screen game play, due to the impossibility of capturing the impressive 3D images correctly. However PC Mag were treated to a private meeting and show a video clip explaining the feature controls of the new device.

Along with the standard controls that DS users will be familiar with, there is also the addition of 360-degree joystick, and a 3D slider that allows you to adjust the level of 3D affect, or turn it back to a 2D display.

Game play is said to be very impressive, really optimizing the abilities of 3D. There are also a number of new features including StreetPass and SpotPass, which allow devices to communicate and share information.

With a release date set for sometime in March, we really can’t wait for the 3DS to hit the shelves. Why not take a look at the pictures and video clip and tell us what you think of Nintendo’s latest. Can you see other manufacturer’s taking up 3D hand-held consoles if the 3DS becomes a big hit?

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