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Angry Birds Board Game: Release date May

Angry Birds Board Game: Release date May

Whether you’re interested in it or not most people will have heard of the phenomenon that is Rovio’s ‘Angry Birds’. This smash-hit gaming app has taken the world by storm and has now been released in all sorts of versions such as for the Android OS and more recently an HD 1.5 version for the iPad.

Now we hear news from CES 2011 that we think a lot of you will be interested in and that is that there will now be an Angry Birds board game. Griffin McElroy over on Joystiq sourced from Electric Pig brings us this news and says that the Angry Birds board game will be produced by Mattel, supplied worldwide in May and will be priced at $14.99.

The game looks great with realistic looking model parts which build up during the game. There’s even a mini catapult to shoot the birds at the constructions and also mission cards. Emily Banks over on Mashable also reports on the Angry Birds board game and reminds us that the video game version also became available this week and that console versions will be coming to the Xbox, Wii and PS3.

If this board game turns out to be half as addictive as the app game then expect a lot of lost working hours! Will you be heading out to buy the Angry Birds board game? Let us know what you think by sending us a comment.

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