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Verizon iPhone Release Date Rumored: 3 February 2011?

January 7, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

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Verizon iPhone Release Date Rumored: 3 February 2011?

After years of waiting it seems that the release of the Verizon iPhone is very close, rumors have given various suggested release dates but these have all fallen short of the mark.

However, the latest strand in the grapevine has said that Apple has placed an employee vacation block from Thursday 3rd February to the 6th February. According to an inside source for Boy Genius, this would give a strong indication that Verizon iPhone could be released at this time.

AppleInsider added to this by reporting that the iPhone manufacturer had also drawn a line through some retail employees taking time off, within a three week period from the end of January into the first part of February.

A coincidence maybe? Well it was only last year that Apple released its iPhone 4, also on a Thursday so what are we supposed to expect? We have already reported on a stripping down of a possible Verizon iPhone, but the video accompanying the pictures has since been withdrawn from YouTube, after Apple threw in a legal complaint.

Whichever way you look at it there is a very strong possibility that we will soon be reporting on the Verizon version’s release, aiming it directly at an attack of AT&T’s current domination of the iPhone market. If your waiting for the Verizon iPhone, tell us how long you are willing to hang on?

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  1. Matthew Sykora says:

    I'm only willing to wait until the end of February! Otherwise i'll just go back to my Droid X which has been doing okay. But i'm a loyal Apple customer so I would still switch to the Verizon iPhone when it comes out. They need to hurry up the process! I would also be very disappointed if the iPhone 4 came out now, and then the iPhone 5 comes out in July of 2011 as speculated. It would be a great disappointment for those of us who would extend our contracts 2 more years and not be able to get the iPhone 5 for another two years when we'll be able to upgrade.

  2. Luis D says:

    I am with you on that one Mathew,i will wait till the end of Feb..but it would be bad if a newer version would come out that soon.

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